VR 'disappoints' at E3 games show

Before the gaming expo got going, experts and analysts said they expected VR to feature heavily and for there to be demos of pioneering games that made great use of the technology. Those demos would be essential, they said, to convince people to buy what is likely to be an expensive chunk of hardware.
But it did not turn out like that.

Rimeskeem3085d ago

This is the first bad aarticle I have heard on Morpheus.

camel_toad3085d ago

Yeh everything I read from e3 about both the morpheus and oculus (especially its controllers) were very positive.

Nirvana315913085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

idk what the editor is smoking but having tried Morpheus myself, it's pretty freakin awesome

BitbyDeath3085d ago

You don't get as many hits with positive news though.

xer03085d ago

It's interesting to observe that when VR is a success in mainstream media, Oculus is increasingly the poster child.

But when VR disappoints.. Sony Morpheus becomes the poster child.

As it stands Oculus has more to loose.

Hellsvacancy3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I'm watching an Angry Joe video now and he LOVED the game he tried using Morpheus

Some horror game called Kitchen, scarier than P.T according to him

Utalkin2me3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I can't wait bring, it on.

UltimateMaster3085d ago

I agree that I was disappointed in the announcements.
There were no big AAA title that were going to use Project Morpheus.
I would have love to heard that Uncharted 4 would be compatible with the headset but they didn't.

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starchild3085d ago

I thought there would be more presence for VR at E3, but what I've heard from those there has generally been very positive. My experience with the DK1 version of the Rift over a year ago made a believer out of me.

Ashlen3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I just hope this whole vr thing is just a fad. Maybe i'm getting old and I resist change (though I am 95% sure thats not the case).

It's just that whenever I see someone using this VR it's like a dystopian horror scene with them flailing about like there in pain.

I mean honestly, if you took that recent Microsoft Oculus video changed the music to something from a horror movie and showed it to people who didn't know what was going on I guarantee you could scare them and trick them into thinking the woman was being tortured.

Here is a realistic scene.

Imagine you come home from work your tired you just want to see your family and relax. But when you walk through that door your family is just strapped into VR flailing about. They have no idea your even there because they are so sensory deprived they can't hear you or see you.

The whole thing is just creepy and the idea of masses of people strapped into these things is pretty horrifying.

Peace_Love_and_FPS3085d ago

Except it's fun... And I'm pretty sure, y'know, that all my friends who have VR aren't zombies after being original kickstarter supporters thus far.

You had a somewhat valid point until you said (ironically) "here is a realistic scene."

Uh... What? It's just a smaller ocularly lensed screen, not a f****** mind control device, really got cut down on the Aldous Huxley novels. In no way will VR cause that, if anything it will help differentiate between reality and the imagination, as it's currently being used to treat PTSD in my country's military.

BeefCurtains3084d ago

Here's a scene for you: I'm the man of my house and run it. Everything needs to be done in moderation wth rules, because everything can be "bad" if you have too much of it. If you're afraid your family will get disconnected from each other, it's because of much more serious issues than "VR".

VR is a very logical next step in gaming, and it's pretty amazing what they can do with it.

Ashlen3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )


Wow, the only thing scarier than VR sounds like living at your house.

I might not like VR but I'd never get bossy with my family like that.

Oh and P.S.

I have used the oculus, a friend got the dev kit. And it's pretty much play with it for about an hour before you get sick of having that thing strapped to your face like an alien and you just want to sit back down on the couch and relax.

I understand the retail one is lighter and more comfortable, but c'mon you can't really tell me you want to have that thing strapped to your face for 8 hours.

I mean, whats wrong with sitting on the couch with your drink next to you kicking up your feet and relaxing in front of a big TV.

I'm happy with that, it's enough for me.

BeefCurtains3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

scary for having rules and being the head of my household with a loving family that respects one another? Yeah, very terrifying. Nice correlation that rules = bossy. Again, if you're afraid VR is going to take over your home, I guess it's good to take that in to consideration before purchasing.

I can see that VR isn't for everyone or every home, and I can see the trend towards a completely disconnected society in 10-20 years, but only for households who allow it to take them over.

For now, it seems like a ton of fun.

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Tumaras3085d ago

I have a feeling this BBC article will be one of those where in a couple years people look back and laugh at the people that said VR wouldn't work. It's a year, maybe even 2 away, and it may be huge or small, but it's coming. The technology is too amazing to just be a passing fad. But it has to be done right.

ps5fanboy3085d ago

I remember walking into a home cinema shop just before DVD exploded , the guy was playing a laser disc , and I'm like , isn't DVD coming out soon and laser disc will be a thing of the past?
No mate , won't happen... The rest is history.

Phoenix763085d ago


I remember people saying similar things about VHS and BETA Max lmao

freshslicepizza3085d ago

it's a peripheral and because of that the commitment to make games for it won't be there. that is the sad reality to all of this. even sony will not commit to it with aaa games that will entice people to make the investment. it will be small indie style games or bigger titles with morpheus shoe-horned in. if sony really wants to sell it they should get media molecule to make a game that requires morpheus. instead they will take the less risky route and make morpheus support game. big difference.

after buying the playstation move i am hesitant on buying this. i will take a wait and see approach to software support because that's where new ways of playing games lives or dies, the support it gets.

JasonKCK3085d ago

Yeah VR on all fronts was kinda disappointing. The tech is great but nothing at all I want to play. So far I only see VR as a racing or flying simulator, or another way to watch 3D movies.

ORyanDeee3085d ago

That article doesn't mention the VR horror demo that Sony showed called 'Kitchen" by Capcom. Apparently it was really good.

bunt-custardly3085d ago

We need Call of Duty VR or <insert popular game name here> to get the masses interested in VR.

New IPs are hard enough to sell as they are in the crowded market, so to add VR on top of that makes it difficult. There's not even one major franchise that is developing a VR version and this wait and see approach is what will keep it niche rather than mainstream.


LifeInNZ3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I'm not sure a game that features lots of fast camera movements is ideally suited for VR, not since its turning your head that would move the camera. Might be ok for a couple of rounds but not for long gaming sessions.

bunt-custardly3085d ago

That's assuming the VR version is a carbon copy of the current 2D version. And I assume the reason for the disagrees.

I can't see why anyone would disagree with having a big named franchise (done right) heading the VR charge.

When looking at potential VR games people need to think outside of the box a bit more in light of how they can be played in VR. These VR experiences shouldn't just mimic what's already available but work on the immersion factor of the device and provide something new based around this strength.

COD multiplayer as it is now in VR would have most people feeling sick after about 10 minutes so wouldn't work like that.

Angeljuice3085d ago

I don't think it needs a big, established IP at all. You'd have to make a standard version of the game or face losing 99% of its customer base, that would inevitably create a compromise.
People would also be inclined to think "well the VR version looks great and all, but I'll save some serious cash if I just buy the standard version, it is the same game after all"

What they need is a killer ap that is only available (and possible) with the introduction of VR. Something huge and exciting that you can only be a part of if you have a headset.

I know its easier said than done, but if they are unable to do so, they should save time and money and give up on the project now.

bunt-custardly3085d ago

I partially agree that a fresh new IP killer app would be beneficial except the problem with VR is convincing people to actually try it first before they write it off. No matter how many proclaim VR to be awesome or the next big thing in gaming doesn't convert to others wanting to rush out and buy it.

There's been enough media/gamers going on about how cool VR is (myself included) but that doesn't necessarily mean mass adoption either. So yeh a killer app would be great and all but selling that to the masses is still going to be hard versus a franchise that is already popular and will get interest in it for its namesake alone which to me would be a more viable start.

Just look at how Microsoft has presented Hololens using Minecraft and now Halo. Two of its massive well known franchises that people can relate to. It's a smart tactical move from them to generate more interest even if there's no real practical game there yet.

The other VR develoeprs need to step up in the same leagues otherwise it just looks like no one wants to take any risks and just play it safe with new ip lower budget projects.

Look at Katsuhiro Harada and his game. Imagine the amount of buzz his VR project would have if he announced Tekken VR even if it was just an experimental title. Instead we've got a fantasy schoolgirl voyeurism game that's niche and not taking too many risks.

Until the industry as a whole puts some major effort into developing for VR and a big marketing push by taking some risks we're resided to experimental games and experiences.

The Gear VR has been out for a while now and even has a more consumer ready version 2. Even this is still lacking proper support and is tied to an "innovators" status to cover its tracks. There's hints on the Oculus store of some cool things to come in the future, but as of now its all rather low budget content.

jXales3085d ago

They could implement "look" as VR... fx..

Uncharted... you climb and jump etc and nate is in your field of view but you can look around in the world as a third person fixed point that can see 360 degrees...

now that would mostly work with all games... fx the "look" button but always on..