Should You Still Be Donating To The 'Shenmue 3' Kickstarter?

There was something very strange about this Kickstarter from the beginning. Shenmue 3 isn’t the first game to use Kickstarter while being primarily funded through more traditional means, but it’s one of the most brazen. The fact that it was launched on stage at the Sony press conference sets off red flags, especially when you couple that with the fact that they were only asking for $2 million to make the sequel to a game that cost $70 million in 1999.

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Kayant1219d ago

"Sony asked a price from its fans, which they paid. Shenmue 3 is happening." - No asked for a price from it's fans.

Amazes me how these so called journalists still can't see this is not a Sony project. It's a project with some support from Sony and other investors including Shibuya Productions -

If you care about Shenmue and want the developers to be able to more realise their vision then you will going to invest in the project.

yarbie10001219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Article does raise good points. So if they wouldn't have reached their stretch goal they weren't going to include Spanish subtitles for an entire market?

Whole thing seems strange.

'If you give us 2Mil we'll give you a story'

'if you give us $10mil you'll get the full Shenmue 3 experience' - Otherwise you're not going to get the full game the dev wants to deliver. And we're not telling you how much money other companies have given us already.

As for Sony, they sure acted like they were a big part of it a few days ago on stage

Kayant1219d ago

"Article does raise good points. So if they wouldn't have reached their stretch goal they weren't going to include Spanish subtitles for an entire market?

Whole thing seems strange." - How is that strange? If you look at other projects it's quite a common stretch goal, voice acting, translation doesn't grow on trees.

"As for Sony, they sure acted like they were a big part of it a few days ago on stage" - Why wouldn't they? They are the reason the reason the PS4 version exists -

They however never specified or claimed they where funding the whole game.

johndoe112111219d ago

I don't get it. Is this the first and only game to ever be funded on kickstarter? I have seen people give money to no name developers on kickstarter who took their money and disappeared into the moon light and the bloody media barely batted an eye at those issues. Now we have a game we've been waiting over 15 years for by a well established and respected dev and the doubt and FUD and hate that is being spewed by the media is staggering. What the hell? Am I trapped in the twilight zone or something? Or is it because sony is attached to the project.

Sony said it on their stage, it is HIS game not theirs. Not because they are helping or contributing means it's theirs or their responsibility.

"So if they wouldn't have reached their stretch goal they weren't going to include Spanish subtitles for an entire market?" How many games have been released that do not have alternate subtitles? No one complains. He says they would if they reach another goal and suddenly it's a problem? What the hell is wrong with you people?

freshslicepizza1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

what if one of the next goals the game will come to nintendo's new system and/or the xbox one? watch the donations all of the sudden slow right down.

S2Killinit1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I'm going to post this again for those who are confused about why the kickstarted was necessary:

...thats sort of how it works in the entertainment industry in general. If a particular game/movie has inherent risks involved (as we have learned Shenmue does/did,thus the looong delay) the person pitching the intelectual property needs to find financing in order to get the project going, once that happens, the producer/studios invest in the property once they feel that the creator is on to something good. This is normal practice.

In the case of Shenmue, Mr Suzuki did not have the funding to get the project started as Sega did not want to touch the ip. Usually a studio who owns an ip and is no longer interested in capitalizing on it (in this case Sega), will "shelf" the ip. This means that the ip will no longer be an option for the person who "created" the ip (in this case Suzuki). However, some contracts between the "creator" and the "studio" will have a clause that allows the creator (Suzuki) to pitch the idea to other studios who may decide to take a risk. For this to happen, the Creator (Suzuki) needs funding, to gather the necessary people, and kickstart the ip. This usually involves producing a part of the ip, so that the studio people (in this case Sony) can pitch the idea to their bosses/investors. If the right people mobilize, the new studio (Sony) pays a sort of royalty to the original studio (Sega) in order to obtain the rights from them. This is a risk that Sony or anyone investor had to be willing to take, and its partly the reason why it took so long for someone to step up and take Shenmue from Sega. Mr. Suzuki, did not have the funding to "kickstart" the program (thats why its called "kickstarter"), and thats why the kickstarter program was useful for Shenmue. So please guys, no more baseless talk about Sony not having had faith in Shenmue or some other nonsense like "is the kickstarter necessary", because yeah, it is necessary.

Lets just be happy Shenmue is happening.

p.s. its time gamers put their money where their mouth is. You guys wanted Shenmue. Its almost here. Lets support it.

freshslicepizza1219d ago


it became a kickstarter project for two very key reasons. one is many fans have been asking for a new one for years but it is very hard to know how many would actually buy it and if they are just a vocal minority. second reason is the last one lost sega a ton of money. it was one of the most expensive games made of all time back then.

that's why kickstarter makes sense in an industry that spends half its budgets on marketing. who would fund this project if it was to be a hugely ambitious project like shenmue 2? that's why they went small scale for now and see what kind of funding is actually out there and who is really serious about a new one. kickstarter puts the words to rest and it all pending on the funding.

announcing it on sony's stage got mass marketing for free and now they can make goal limits based on funding. much harder to green light from a publisher because you have to put all the money upfront which is a lot riskier.

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itsmebryan1219d ago

So you are saying it going to be a multi-platform game? Not a Sony exclusive that they paid to be exclusive They just donate to the general fund for the game?

Kayant1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Well it was never announced as a Sony exclusive or exclusive in any manner. It's coming to PC. As shown in the tweet linked above Sony is providing support for the PS4 version of the game and things like marketing i.e Big stage presence at E3.

S2Killinit1219d ago

please read my above comment. The kickstarter does not have anything to do with Sony, but it is necessary for Shenmue to happen.

WonderboyIII1219d ago

What happens to X1 backers? What do they get?

deadpoolio3161219d ago

Laughed at for not having someone read them the KS page before they gave money....It was clear that the only platforms he currently has in mind are PC and PS4.....Nintendo just wont get it period, literally nobody cares about the Wii U except the Nintendo fanboys

WonderboyIII1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Game should be for everyone to play. People are paying for it, People have the right to play it. Kickstarter was not meant for exclusives.

iceman061219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

The chance to play it on PC? Seriously, it clearly says on their goals that they are producing it for the PC and PS4. Unless they just want the game to happen, I can't see a clear reason for Xbox One players would least until that goal changes.
Oh, and kickstarters were meant to get games made when the developer doesn't have the funds to make them...regardless of platform.

SegaGamer1219d ago

It says put your fanboyism behind you and support a game the gaming community as a whole has wanted for over a decade now.

Bytor1219d ago

A game they cant play.

LordMaim1218d ago

@WonderboyIII: Why not ask for all games to be free while we're at it? Not every game can appear on all systems, due to cost, time and interest.

Games development costs money, so developers have to prioritize certain things above others based on their sales projections. In this case Sony is investing in the project to ensure that it comes to the PS4 as well as the PC, but if they hadn't you can bet that the title would have been PC only.

alvgamin4lif1218d ago

You must be joking right? The devs are targeting for a ps4 and pc release and it clearly says so on their kickstarter page. There is no word about a X1 or a WiiU version. So if any X1 or WiiU owners back this project then they are clearly trolling and are planning to whine when the game doesn't end up releasing on those platforms. Or they lack the ability to read.

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DevilOgreFish1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Sony's involvement probably is with the ps4 version and licencing costs which Sony's more than happy to cover.

Pogmathoin1219d ago

People only give a sh%t because Sony announced it. If it was on another console, nobody would care..... As Monty pyhton said, the popular majority, are usually the dumbest.....

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xtheownerzx1219d ago

short answer: yes, you do my teenage years demand it.

Eonjay1219d ago

If you want the rewards then yes. Otherwise you probably wont have to.

Also, people are mixing up YS and Sony. They are partners. YS created the Kick Starter. It was going to happen without Sony announcing it at E3 or not.

When Sony saw the reaction, they then decided to throw their full support behind it. That is the order of events.

yarbie10001219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

'When Sony saw the reaction, they then decided to throw their full support behind it'

Here is what Sony's Yoshida said about it.


"This is not a Sega project, they are doing this as an indie studio and Yu has a small team," he said. "It's indie development which is why he chose Kickstarter to seek funding.

"Once it is successful SCE will give a lot of support to the game, including financial support. That's no different than what we've done with other games like Sportsfriends."

"In terms of final development cost, I think Suzuki is being flexible depending on the funds available," he said. "I don't think he's setting this up to be this massive open world game. I think he's waiting for Kickstarter to end and then see."

Yeah, Sony is giving full support like they did with Sportsfriends. Sounds like they are throwing their full weight behind it...

Kayant1219d ago

That still doesn't claim they are funding the whole project. Also Sportsfriends was a Pub fund title. This isn't.

"Sounds like they are throwing their full weight behind it..." - By helping with marketing and the creation of the PS4 version kinda like their pub fund incentive...

Eonjay1219d ago

Exactly. And the Kick Starter proved that interest in the project was there. Even if Sony had done nothing it would still have come to PS4 and PC. I think Sony realizes that the Kick Starter will only get them so far. Hopefully with the support it can get the full AAA treatment it deserves.

Kayant1219d ago


Where does it say that? because that link doesn't say they did.

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Activemessiah1219d ago

Why is it called donation when you're buying the game

Dravidian1219d ago

Because, unfortunately, being funded doesnt mean the game will be completed. In theory, all the games/projects should be completed since a requirement for kickstarter is that the funds be enough to actually finish. However, in reality this isnt the case.

All we're "buying" is hope and potential...

That said, I plan on donating to this project. The team behind it gives me a good reason to hope.

Yetter1219d ago

because the game may not come out and you have no legal recourse

DualWielding1219d ago

I never donate to kickstarters but will be more than happy to buy the game if it does come out

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