Xbox One and PC-Exclusive The Solus Project Pits the Player Against the Planet | Gamespot

The year is 2183 and the planet Earth is a write-off. You are sent into space with the purpose of discovering a new hope for humanity. It's a high-stakes mission, but the trip takes a turn for the worst when your ship crash lands on an uncharted planet and you must embark on a fight against the elements. The objective shifts to survival. This is where The Solus Project begins.

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Team_Litt1219d ago

So Interstellar from one of the other explorers' point if view? Sounds good. Bummer about itbeing in first person, I think adventure games work best in third person...then again there's Skyrim

ABizzel11218d ago

No Man's Sky comparison is a bit obvious, buy I like the idea of it being a survival game on an alien planet.

Have to keep an eye on this one.

poppinslops1218d ago

This game seems to have some real depth... a hardcore survival sim with seasonal plants, ocean tides which are affected by the moon's position and crazy weather systems (twisters, storms and frikkin' meteor showers).

The crafting sounds extensive, and I like that you have to prioritise with regards to your inventory - no more grabbing everything, just in case... I'm guessing the 'Alien' structures must be a source of more advanced materials/tools.

Definitely keeping an eye on this one...

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The story is too old to be commented.