Horizon: Zero Dawn - Push Square's E3 2015 Game of the Show

Push Square: "There hasn't been this much buzz surrounding Guerrilla Games for a while. The first-party firm last truly dropped jaws with its infamous Killzone 2 demo at E3 2005, a clip that turned out to be staged. A decade later, the Dutch developer has learned a lesson or two – it always shows gameplay where possible for a start. Horizon: Zero Dawn, the long-in-development action role-playing release that's been rumoured for many years now, continued that trend at E3 2015 – as managing director Hermen Hulst anchored an outstanding presentation during Sony's big PlayStation press conference earlier this week."

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oasdada1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I swear i wud not have guessed it wud either be an rpg or open world game. Let alone both

FamilyGuy1215d ago

It looked exactly like that to me :/

Nirvana315911216d ago

Well deserved. Best game at E3 hands down

Drithe1216d ago

I believe it was the best game too. Nothing really compared to it. Finally we get a Monster Hunter type game except it might be even better with lots more action!!! I cannot wait for this game.

MasterCornholio1216d ago

It did look very impressive.


freshslicepizza1215d ago

yes it does and it shows what can happen when you have well known studios able to do something different. naughty dog was allowed to make the last of us and look at how the reaction was for that.

we all love franchises that are familiar but we also love new ideas and sometimes you need to allow your aaa studios the freedom to be more creative.

MasterCornholio1215d ago

Well we all seen Uncharted before but Uncharted 4 was still extremely impressive especially with the physics and the use of GPU compute.

freshslicepizza1215d ago

that's why i say it's good to allow them to do both.

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The story is too old to be commented.