Rebel Yell: XCOM 2 Impressions [RPG Site / E3]

Seemingly slicker, smarter and cooler, XCOM 2 seems to be pressing all the right buttons, says RPG Site.

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Drithe2154d ago

This should have been brought to consoles. They basically dissed the console players. I almost ready to say screw you guys and Xcom 2 .... but I believe it will come to consoles eventually.

aquaticDonut2153d ago

Dude, it was weird that XCOM 1 came to consoles at all. This is a PC exclusive dev. They've only made one other game that was on consoles. I wouldn't count on XCOM 2 coming off PC any time soon.

Seafort2154d ago

It may or may not come to console in the future but for now it's a PC exclusive so get used to it.

Either buy it on PC or start begging for a console release.

If XCOM was successful on consoles it would have been coming to them as well as PC but I guess you didn't support the developers enough to warrant a sequel.

Takwin2154d ago

I, for one, am THRILLED it has a PC-first (and possibly only) support. That makes them not "consider" mouse and keyboard, but to make the game for it. It makes boxes and menus look different. (Think SkyUI and also look at console-UI on Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3).

But even more important is the mods. It will be amazing to stretch this game out like Civilization V. I look forward to playing XCOM 2 as much as Civ V and more than XCOM. Those are my two favorite strategy games, along with Fire Emblem.

Less important is the graphics, but it is a real thing that making a AAA game FOR the PC allows them to just crank everything up to 11, and if your rig is capable, then you can do eeet!

2153d ago