A Conversation with Adam Orth

With ADR1FT coming this September, Ian Hipschman from TheWayfaringDreamer interviewed its creative director, Adam Orth.

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ihipschman1218d ago

Since I'm new to N4G, are there any specific methods to get a story over 50 degrees, or is it just a combination of clicks, an algorithm, and luck?

Bismarn1218d ago

No matter what your article actually is about, you rename it to "10 Reasons Why No One is Buying the PS4" or "Pachter Says Nintendo Will Be Out of Business by October" or "Did Gamergate Inspire Dylann Roof to Kill?" or similar.

Seriously though this is a good article and I saw it on the first page, because first I was like "wait isn't Adam Orth *that guy*?" and then I was like "oh cool a space game" and then I was like "oh wait isn't this just a licensed Gravity game?"