Fallout 4 will run at 1080p and 30 frames-per-second on everything

It has been confirmed that Fallout 4 will run at 1080p 30fps on both Xbox One, PC, and the PS4.


Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 4 will be "not limited in any way" on PC when it comes to resolution and framerate.

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soul-assassin-1219d ago

makes my choice of which console to get this on more harder!...

TheGreatGamer1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

If you don't have PC but have both consoles I'd go with the Xbox One version because they're partnering with MS to bring mods etc. to the xbox one and although they hope to bring them to PS4, it will be after Xbox One (if it happens)

Transporter471219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

The mod tool is not even going to released until next year anyways. I have both consoles, but I am getting the PS4 version. The mod will be on both consoles. He said shortly after the pc releases than xbox than ps4, but who knows. Sometimes they release them at the same time.

GameNameFame1219d ago

So really. Given PS4 having better hardware and almost always better graphics, you can say PS4 version if you go console.

Locknuts1219d ago

This seemed like a pretty logical response to me. Lol at the disagrees.

slasaru011219d ago

You forgot Fallout 3 for free with F4 on Xbox

jmac531219d ago

And it comes with fallout 3 which leads me to believe that they had to port it over to the new architecture so it will be eventually released for PS4 as a priced standalone.

4Sh0w1219d ago

nah only real difference is thanks to BC you will automatically get Fallout3 for free on X1.

-meh, Fallout games are great, I just never really got into them, didnt even finish F3.

zeuanimals1219d ago

I don't even know if it'll work well for every console. Mods can be system intensive depending on what they do. The small mods will probably work but the bigger ENBs probably won't.

DarXyde1219d ago

Depends on the nature of the mods.

I find the PlayStation community has much better creative inspiration than the Xbox community. The things in LBP seemed a lot cooler than what was seen in Project Spark IMHO.

Again though, depends on the nature of the mods. Since the beginning, the community in LBP has done some incredibly creative workarounds to features the game lacked at first.

dcbronco1219d ago

I'm not sure I would automatically choose Playstation. One thing people have been silent on is that all of the games on Xbox One seem to be 1080p now. We have been told over and over by so called experts that DX12 and Windows 10 wouldn't make a difference. Yet here we are with nothing but 1080p games. If the difference was marginal at first it is a complete nonfactor now. Time to let the superior hardware thing die.

The reason to choose one console over the other would be the API used to make the PC version. If these will mostly be PC mods, and they will, it best to go with Xbox if DX12 was used and Playstation if OpenGL was used. That way you have the best chance of mods working seamlessly.

NCAzrael1219d ago

That's right up until the FOSE, or whatever the first script extender is called, gets released, at which point mods won't work and it won't matter. Granted, basic mods will still work, but most of the extensive stuff won't. I've even heard talk from a few of my old modding buddies that they'll make sure their mods require the script extender just to troll console players. Not that I agree with the practice, as I think console players should at least get a feel for what they're missing from a lot of games, but it doesn't surprise me.

UKmilitia1219d ago

what u have to remember is it will all come to ps4,but will be delayed because of MS deal.

end of day mods aint gonna be out day 1 anyway so timed isnt really an issue.

1219d ago
CuddlyREDRUM1219d ago

They are bringing mods to both Xbox One and PS4 at the same time, as far as I know.

LordDhampire1219d ago

If this game runs at 30fps, what do you think its going to run at with mods?

Mods on a console are a waste of time, it will impact performance to much

fathertime19801219d ago

@jmac53 fallout 3 is because of backwards comparability not because if an ypdate. Sorry boss..

Also for the other comments by those individuals about the ps4 version going to be superior, let me ask. Are you sure? I mean come on your hust making comments for rhe sake of comments. Lets be constructive here

Cueil1219d ago

a ton of misinformation on mods for the PS4... it's not an exclusive deal with Microsoft... the word "hope" isn't used with time exclusive deals. It's much more likely that what they said, Microsoft has been working extensively to get this working, is the real truth.

RumbleFish1218d ago

" Fallout 4 will run at 1080p 30fps on both Xbox One, PC, and the PS4"

I'm pretty shure it will not be 30 fps on PC.

UltimateMaster1218d ago

Wow, even locked on PC?
I guess they didn't want to play favorites or "which system is better".

WickedLester1218d ago

@ TheGreatGamer

Not to mention the fact that the X1 version is coming with a free copy of Fallout 3 via backwards compatibility.

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PC_601219d ago

PC all the way for this release!

Khajiit861219d ago

Most multis really. The only games I buy for PS4 are exclusives, sports to play with friends and some shooters to play with friends.

Elit3Nick1219d ago

Agreed, I'll be building a PC later on with likely a GTX970.

gz19871219d ago

Hell yea brother! PC! i am kinda pissed 30 fps even on pc come on... my pc could run it at like 100 fps are we getting trolled?

Stringerbell1219d ago


Thats where Im at now. The only games I'll pick up for my PS4 are the Pro Evo series and exclusives.

kingmushroom1218d ago

Hell yeah, got my PC Pip-boy edition all Pre-ordered

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1219d ago ShowReplies(10)
Kingdomcome2471219d ago

Fallout 3 is included for free with the Xbox One version.

HRoach6161219d ago

Where has that been said? Generally curious because I haven't heard that yet. If that were the case I don't see it not happening with PS4.

Kingdomcome2471219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

It was anounced on stage @ E3 as an exclusive Microsoft bonus, as is the case with Rainbow 6 Siege being packaged with the previous two Rainbow 6 games on Xbox One. I'm sure this was due in part to the backwards compatibility announcement.

extermin8or1219d ago

Yeah but the game can be picked up for single digits of money. Hardly a selling point.

343_Guilty_Spark1219d ago

You can stream to PC or tablet with the X1. Yu can even do remote play if you configure a VPN.

Magicite1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

30fps On PC? You cant be damn serious!
Oh, wait, its only 30 on consoles, phew.

ABizzel11219d ago

Why even complain it would have been modded for 60fps within the first month of release.

Valenka1219d ago

What article did you read?
The one here said 30FPS on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

NCAzrael1219d ago


No, he said "It'll be 1080p on everything" and then confirmed it would be 30fps and not 60. Anyone who has ever played a PC game knows this is already excluding the PC, simply because every PC game this century has the ability to change the resolution. They aren't going to lock it to 1080 for the PC, which means they aren't going to lock it to 30fps either. By "everything" he clearly means consoles, and I guarantee he'll either release a statement to clarify his comment, or some other news site will call him on it and he'll clarify his comment.

Fin_The_Human1219d ago

Has mods been confirmed for the PS4?

I need to know now so I can decide which version to buy.

mkis0071219d ago

They have. Limited time after pc and xbox.

DanzoSAMA1219d ago

Fallout 3 and mods only on Xbox One version.

NCAzrael1219d ago


No. Just no. They have already said that they will work on bringing mods to the PS4 as well. It just depends on if Sony allows it, which they are pretty sure will not be an issue.

EliteGameKnight1219d ago

If I'm not mistaken, didn't Todd Howard say that he was going to try to get them on the PS4, but it was ultimately up to Sony, meaning that it's a maybe situation, or was it officially confirmed?

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Valenka1219d ago

Like always, it comes down to personal preference. Pick which console you use the most, or which one is lacking games compared to the other.

That's what I narrow it down to when there's no extra perk to choosing one over the other.

RomanPSX1219d ago

Already pre order pip boy edition on xbox.

ATi_Elite1219d ago

4k 50fps on mine.

4k 30fps after graphics mod

magiciandude1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I am going Xbox One for this. This is mainly because Xbox One is my primary console of choice, but there are also benefits over the PS4 version. PS4 players won't enjoy mod support at launch and there is no Fallout 3 included... not even a ported PC version.

MRMagoo1231219d ago

Fallout 4 wont be enjoying mods at launch on xbone either.

NCAzrael1219d ago

And more than likely it won't enjoy many mods for long. Every Bethesda game since Oblivion has seen the release of a script extender. These are 3rd party programs designed to work alongside the game to give more freedom in mod development and make for more robust scripts to be used that the game couldn't handle by itself. As soon as the script extender for Fallout 4 is released, any mod that requires it to work will not work on the console versions simply because the consoles can't run a script extender. Add to that any mod author who wants to be a dick and doesn't want their mods to be available on consoles can simply make their mod require the script extender, and there goes your access to those mods.

Back-to-Back1218d ago

"PS4 players won't enjoy mod support at launch"

Along with PC and XBOX One users. Todd Howard said the GECK wont be released until sometime next year.

CaptainObvious8781219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

If that's the case, I'm assuming the PS4 has a little few extra graphical enhances such as better lighting or better textures, etc.

I'll still be playing this regardless, but it will be a real pity if parity creeps up again.

RaTaTaT1219d ago

The ps4 will probably have more grass. Wait this game doesn't have much grass. It will have more trash. PS4 will have the definitive trash edition.

JsonHenry1219d ago

LOL! Yeah.. I'll be playing it after a simple change on my PC at higher framerates. Nice try Bethesda.

otherZinc1219d ago


Mods aren't coming to the PS4.

ziggurcat1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

yes, they are. quote from the link above in case you're never going to click on it:

"UPDATE 6/15 5:50PM: Bethesda says PS4 will also have access to mods, not just Xbox One. Hooray."

Andofaus1219d ago

The choice is pretty easy imho mate, X1 performance continues to improve almost all games will be 1080p from now on with some running at 60fps also, something the PS4 has yet to achieve. And on top of Fallout you also have Tomb raider, Forza 6, Fable Legends, Gears and Halo 5! All this year it's a no brainer really.

SlightlyRetarted1219d ago

I don't give a shit on what platform you are going to buy FO4, but why you have to lie about X1 games? None of those games will run 1080p/60fps.

Leaguer1219d ago

1080p from now on?..sure sweetheart..whatever makes you xbone kids sleep at night.

GenuineGamer1219d ago

Forza 6, halo 5 and gears are all 1080p 60 so how is he lying?

And yes most if not all games will be 1080p on xb1 from now on. Even mgs5 is confirmed 1080 60

Its no secret xb1 software was not up to par with its hardware at launch ontop of having a new unique architecture for devs to get used to meant some xb1 games underperformed. Not for lack of hardware capability.

Xb1 is a great system guys I really wish people would stop hating on it already.

SlightlyRetarted1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Again lying or stating rumors as facts. Please show me proof that they are 1080p/60fps.

Ratty1219d ago

Indeed it's a no brainer. None of the games you listed interest me in the slightest xD. It's all a matter of taste. Just play on your X1 and I'll play on my PS4. It's a no brainer really.

GenuineGamer1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@slightly Retarded

Both forza 6 & Gears are 100% confirmed 1080 60. Halo is also def 60fps and all halos in MCC are 1080p 60 so I'm expecting 5 to also be 1080p but no official word on halo 5 yet.


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AstroCyborg1219d ago

not really since bethesda games last gen were awful on the ps3

showtimefolks1219d ago

Day one buy for me on ps4(I only have time for one console), I hope fallout gets a smooth launch without any gaming breaking bugs or glitches.

Ps4 will also be getting mod support.

I would love for bethesda to release both fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas along with all the dlc on ps4 and Xbox one. And do the remaster on this new engine

Whichever console yiu are buying this is your choice but do you fanboys get some extra pleasure in saying my console is better or we will get this or that exclusive?

I mean grow up and enjoy the ganes, what is it to you of something is exclusive or not as long as you get to enjoy it

Fanboy logic is very illogical

thelwebb1001218d ago

Go ahead and buy it day one then. I'll be laughing when you guys are butt hurt because it'll be broken and buggy at launch just like Fallout 3,Oblivion, Skyrim etc. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Xb1ps41219d ago

I'll get it on xb1.. Am I the only one that does this because of the suspend and ease of back and forth with the tv? I mean I just love playing for a while then pausing the game watch some tv then getting right back into the game.

MAULxx1219d ago

Anyone can pause the game & hit one button on their remote and watch tv.

Xb1ps41218d ago

Maul... You just don't get it.. that's what happens when you only have one choice, "it all seems the same"

Or you just have a very basic entertainment center..

PistolsAtDawn1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Nah, this is easily an X1 title. Mod community from day one, and Fallout 3 BC for free...easy choice. Anyone pretending it will look noticeably better (or better at all) has been drinking from the marketing koolaid bowl and not paying attention to actual results. Games these days barely have any difference visually anymore...and lately there have been just as many that run better on X1 than PS4 as the other way around when there is a difference at all. That PS 50% more powerful hype is done.

Edit: The odd thing is that I JUST came from an article about FF7 coming to X1... and the people there saying that there was no point in waiting ..whatever frame of time... for that game to be on X1, they are gonna get it on PS4. Now on this article where there's a clear advantage to getting it on these exact same people are saying that for NO reason at all...they are gonna get the PS4 version....hypocrisy much?