Microsoft Will Announce More Xbox One Games Coming To The PC In The Next Few Months

As Kudo Tsunoda told MaximumPCMag when asked about Halo or Tomb Raider coming to the PC:

“You know we can’t have any announcements about that stuff today, but for sure there is going to be a lot more, you know, a lot more announcements coming as we roll towards Gamescom.”

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RAM0N 1269d ago

I think it will be halo mcc

VeryNicePerson1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Great move from Microsoft.

Please, I want more cross-play between Xbox and PC ! :D

On a side note, it's too bad that The Coalition didn't bring Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 with the Ultimate Edition on Xbox One AND PC. I would love to replay these games in FHD [ONE] or UHD. [PC]

Need some Horde madness.

Bruno18861269d ago

I agree.It would've been great if GOW2 and 3 came with the ultimate edition.

GameNameFame1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

So less exclusives for Xbox and less reason to own one...

and Lol at "MS exclusive". Does that make some fans sleep better at night?

Everyone has PC. So you dont need Xbox to play the games. That all it matters.

Nirvana315911269d ago

Not so great move once you realize they're taking away the very few reasons to own an Xbox

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Multiplatguy1269d ago

Cross play would only work in Halo if it's for co op or if the controller is required on PC in cross play playlists.

Using a mouse would be a huge advantage, especially in Halo when precision weapons and accuracy is important.

Gority1269d ago


While I agree with the first part of what you said, using that definition of exclusive leaves forza 5 and sunset overdrive as the only exclusive titles for x1.

truewittness1269d ago

Sony announced two games for PC also SF5 and Shemmue 3

_-EDMIX-_1269d ago

I got to agree with the rest. I don't think this is a good idea. The are doing a great job with titles and now they are just bringing them to PC? Soooo does XONE no longer matter to them?

What reason do I have to own an XONE in the future? When I see Gears, KI on PC and then they are saying they have MORE coming, that is tell me...hold off on getting an XONE, not just for the year, soon it will be hold off for good.

The reality is, I might get X1 based on maybe 2 games, when one of those games comes to PC, it will make me factor if getting XONE for 1 game is even worth it. I truly think this is a bad idea as MS owns the whole damn market on PC gaming in terms of OS, no one is getting an OS based on Gears or KI etc. We just don't have that many real choices in terms of OS's with game support for MS to even feel threatened to do this.

I'm getting Win 10 on extra HDD for my PC anyway, they don't need to convince me.....I'm a PC gamer, its not like I have a choice lol.

I'm just going to plug in a 360 controller in my PC and call it a day. I'd rather they focus on giving me more reasons to own an XONE, then to not own one.

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mattdillahunty1269d ago

i'd buy Halo: MCC on PC day 1, and it would be one less reason for me to own an Xbox One.

ABizzel11269d ago


Yes, but if it's a desktop (not AIO) then everybody can stick a 750 Ti and instantly turn that PC into a XBO.

If it's a newer laptop of AIO than they can still run the games just at lowest settings in AMD's APU and Intel's onboard graphics have come a long way (still not there yet).

But honestly I said this a while back, and it's exactly what MS needs to be doing IMO to carve a niche in gaming.

The Xbox needs to stop trying to be a console and be the box that houses the recommended specs for PC gaming going forward. That way they can sell software and hardware to an even larger audience of gamers.

GOing head to head with Sony is a losing battle, because MS is spending a lot more money on trying to market the XBox brand and promote it only to come out losing in sales to the PS brand anyway.

So going head to head anc carve out your own niche. The 50m - 60m XBL subscribers will be there regardless (eventually), but you also now have those PC gamers who are fine with low end hardware forgoing their basic rigs, and buying a Xbox if it's aiming to be more PC like. Simply make the Xbox games at a locked resolution and framerate, and in the options under advanced options allow those with the PC experience to chance the settings.

Also use off the shelf products and allow those PC gamers to upgrade their boxes at the cost of voiding their warranty.


i7 3770T (still powerful, and cheap by 2020)
GTX 980 Ti equivalent (mid range by 2020, $200=)
8GB HBM / GDDR6 (whichever stays)
NVIDIA Link tech (change the face of PC)

$399 - $499

It would be a 7+ TFLOPS, which would be weaker than the PS5 IMO, but so they'd really have to rely on NVIDIA Link to make up bandwidth performance a non issue, but their CPU performance will be better is Sony goes with off the shelf FX 8300 CPUs (a good CPU, but not wise without some modding).

That way they can stay on a 5 - 6 year cycle, and with upgrades they can keep the box going even longer.

Give up the console war you're losing and make a PConsole that really has an audience to sale to.

SonyWarrior1269d ago

I'd love to see the Forza series come over to PC. that's the only game im interested in thats exclusive to xbox.

avengers19781269d ago

The more games MS let go from being exclusive only to XB1, the less reasons for people to buy a XB1 console.

freshslicepizza1269d ago

what are people worried about if xbox one games go to the pc? i think it's great. you think fallout 4 is going to sell poorly because there is a pc version? lots of gamers like console gaming but not pc gaming and vice-versa, nothing wrong with that. makes you wonder why some ps4 fans don't want games like bloodborne to come to the pc then.

STK0261268d ago

To all those saying Xbox is dead because of this, Microsoft doesn't care about the Xbox if it means bringing even more people to Windows 10.

A few things to remember, for every Xbox One sold, MS is losing cash, they then make some back thanks to the royalties from games sold on their system. The same applies for Sony.

On the other hand, Windows 10 makes money, and brings in additional revenues thanks to its app marketplace and Bing, which is the default search engine in Windows 10, something most users won't bother to change. Windows is also the gateway to MS's other very profitable software, Office.

Windows 10 is at the center of Microsoft's strategy, the Xbox brand is expendable. For MS, the Xbox is great as it allowed them to use it as a trojan horse to enter the living room. But as time goes on, more and more small form PCs are making their way to the living room (like Intel's flawed Compute stick) as well as smartphones and tablets now having the ability to stream content to the TV wirelessly. In other words, soon enough MS will have new ways to capture the living room, and its need for a dedicated console will begin to fade away. They are betting everything on Windows 10.

jmd7491268d ago

Come on Sunset Overdrive. :)

starchild1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )


I don't know why you received so many disagrees. Before this current generation I had similar ideas and I thought Microsoft would go in that direction. They ended up announcing a fairly traditional console instead, but with things like DirectX 12 they do seem to be taking steps to unify the PC and Xbox sides of their business.

The Xbox should just be a standardized PC --with a streamlined interface and a compact form-- to appeal to the console demographic. It could play the same exact PC games as any gaming PC and would provide a baseline for developers to target. People with custom-built gaming PCs would still be able to tweak settings and enjoy greater graphical fidelity if they had the hardware for it.

I think this would be the best way for Microsoft to leverage their position in the console and PC space.

UltimateMaster1268d ago

Wow, no point in owning a Xbox Console anymore, might as well just have a PS4 and PC.

instantstupor1268d ago

@ starchild

No they can't do an open PC with a streamlined interface, they make all their money from taking a cut from sales. And they sell the console at a loss and make up the difference through these software sales. If they make a straight up Windows PC, people will immediately install Steam on it (one way or another) and Microsoft will make no money.

What they are doing with their current store strategy, it sounds like anyway, is to make is so if you buy a game on XBOX, you can play it on PC and vice-versa. This gives people incentive to buy through their store - where MS can take their cut. Otherwise, Valve will continue to...Steam...roll (harhar) over any other Windows based game store and MS is just selling you a cheap gaming PC where there is basically no margin for profit.

RedDevils1268d ago

Great time to own both PC and PS4 combo lol

avengers19781267d ago

A PC/Console you mean the steam box.... So they should just try and buy Alienware and build on what they are doing.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1269d ago ShowReplies(11)
Magicite1269d ago

Thank You very much MS! Finally a great decision.

stragomccloud1269d ago

I'd be really happy about that. I don't want it enough to get an Xbone for that; however, I do want it enough to buy it if available for PC.

Spotie1269d ago

I guess it could be good from the standpoint of selling software, but when others will have the same thinking as you, and that this will be the case for many of their otherwise exclusive games, it can't be good for hardware sales.

People will try to say the same thing happens on PS4, but their first party titles pretty much never make it to PC, which is a considerable distinction.

_-EDMIX-_1269d ago

@Spotie- "People will try to say the same thing happens on PS4, but their first party titles pretty much never make it to PC, which is a considerable distinction"

Agreed. Its why when Sony publishes, its only on their platforms. Thus, you can't just wait for it to appear else where, you must buy a PS to actually play it.

By MS doing this, they are very much trading software sales for hardware. Clearly someone out their might want a XONE for KI or Gears Ultimate (though not likely gears but you get it)

By them making this a habit and even saying they have MORE to come, they are also stating they have LESS reasons to own an XONE. I saw myself getting an XONE, at least by next year, but I'm at the point where I'm legit thinking of just waiting to see what they say for about a year cause who knows, maybe Halo MCC or some of their other titles come over to PC.

stragomccloud1269d ago

That's good though. The more people who game on PC the better, I say.

memots1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

im on the same boat.

I have a very good gaming pc and a ps4.
One thing that has stopped me of buying a Xbo is the fact that you need to pay for Xboxlive.

What has been making me want a Xbo is Halo of course as i am a Halo 2 and 3 veteran and Forza.

But i am also a huge racing fan. So my ultimate dream would be Forza 6 coming to PC. That would be huge!! Like megaton.
But i would settle for Forza 5 on pc pls MS make it happen and you get my money and i want all DLC !!! :)

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mezati991269d ago

That would be fucking amazing

fermcr1269d ago

I great move by Microsoft would be cross-buy. Purchase a copy of a game, and get the PC and X1 version... but I don't think Microsoft would go for that :)

mcstorm1268d ago

Looking at how Microsoft are starting to evolve I don't think it will be long until they start to do a cross buy platform from the store as its already in place for windows 8 and phone 8. Plus I see this as being the start for the Xbox becoming a service rather than just a console. So everything gaming on windows is part of the Xbox and pc. I still think the Xbox will get exclusive games but it will be aimed at being the main media hub for home. Seeing things like the new pro controller and what is being shown off by Microsoft this could be massive for them in terms of how people start to look at Microsoft as a company and also the windows o's in general as all there services will be on all platforms as well as there own something both Nintendo and Sony are not doing at the moment.

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JamesBroski1269d ago

Aw man... if they could release this to PC... wow...

1269d ago
Erik73571269d ago

I hope to god that's true

tuglu_pati1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

MS killing Xbox console with all this ports. The more they port, the more I see no reason to buy an XBO. By the end of this gen I think i'll be building a gaming PC.

star_lancer1269d ago

How are they killing Xbox? Even if some games come to PC, there are many that won't. Why would anyone build a gaming PC to play SOME Xbox games when, for the same price or less, you can buy an actual Xbox One and play ALL of them?

tuglu_pati1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

We'll have to wait and see but exclusive games is what make you choose between one console or the other and if you can get most of the exclusives of one of them consoles on PC then the other console will be the best option.

starchild1268d ago

Only for those of us who already own high end gaming PCs. You have to realize that that isn't the case for the vast majority of the console demographic.

FastRedPonyCar1268d ago

The guy on the PC gaming segment of E3 all but confirmed it. He basically said he can't talk about it right now.

Also, Phil Spencer may have slipped and let the cat out of the bag on Giant Bomb's Day 1 stream when he said the "Gears of war Collection" was coming to PC.

He tried to quickly back track and say the remastered edition but it makes me think that they are remastering all of them for Xbone and PC.

Now all I need is Forza on PC and I'll be set.

Fin_The_Human1268d ago

People saying that MS is a fool for doing this don't realise that MS still wins.

Supporting W10 benefits MS more than supporting the XB.

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DevilOgreFish1269d ago

I'm more interested in Microsoft making partnerships to make specific games for PC, and from there they could bring it to Xbox one if they like to. It sounds much better than them having to take away from XB1's lineup.

styferion1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I want new age of empire.
on that note, RTS kinda died this generation isn't it?

fermcr1269d ago

Try out Grey Goo.

Made by ex-Westwood Studios employees.

1269d ago
mafia_pc1269d ago

i think he's talking about new press play game, twisted pixel etc... all of these coming to PC for sure.

Kayant1269d ago

Did you watch the interview. He didn't mention press play at all -

The question was -

Q. So maybe we can see halo and tomb raider and things like that on PC?

A. “You know we can’t have any announcements about that stuff today, but for sure there is going to be a lot more, you know, a lot more announcements coming as we roll towards Gamescom.”

Khajiit861269d ago

It should be obvious that Tomb Raider will come to PC and maybe elsewhere. I wonder what the other stuff is. Halo 5 coss play would be huge.

MegaRay1269d ago

Dunno about Halo, but i really wish Sunset Overdrive comes to PC.

Perjoss1269d ago

MCC would be great as the only Halo games on PC are 1 & 2, I would love to have 3, 4 and ODST on PC as well as the remastered 1 & 2.

Erik73571269d ago

I mean come onn...they have no more use for Halo MCC, halo 5 is where the focus is gonna be at for xbox. Might as well launch halo MCC on there cause a lot of pc gamers had halo 1 and 2 on there pc when it did come out for pc.

IF they are releasing gears might as well do Halo.

KakashiHotake1269d ago

I would love for both of these to come over.

Dlacy13g1269d ago

I could see both games coming to Windows and they would be great additions for PC gamers.

Kayant1269d ago

I will go with Gears 4 or other another Gears remaster(Unlikely I feel unless they are also doing one for XB1) based on Rod's comment and reaction when Gears ultimate was announced for PC and Sunset Overdrive because of the leak from earlier.

Halo I didn't kinda feel that will say on XB1

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WheatBread1269d ago

Give me Forza and I'm set.

Khajiit861269d ago

Just Forza Horizon, all i need.

TXIDarkAvenger1269d ago

Pretty much. There really isn't an open world racer that compares to Forza Horizon on PC. As for the Motorsport series, there are much better racing sims.