Final Fantasy VII Remake: 10 Huge Things That Could Go Terribly Wrong


Sony’s E3 conference this year could best be described using the term ‘wish fulfilment’. Fans of the classic Shenmue series were delighted to find out that the third game would finally enter development – pending the results of a Kickstarter campaign – and the company even brought The Last Guardian out of development hell.

However, the biggest announcement made during the conference was the revelation that Final Fantasy VII’s long-awaited remake that so many fans have been aching to play for more than a decade was finally going to become reality.

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Quickstrike1267d ago

All of these concerns are what I share as well. Especially the battle system. They'll lose so many sales from changing it.

CaspuR1266d ago

They wont lose sales for changing the battle system. And even if they do those people that didnt buy wherent real fans to begin with. I want the remake to be arpg but if it ends up being turn based again ill still get it but really theres like 3 realistic options this game will go in terms of gameplay

1. The orginal FF7 style (the most unlikely).
2. Final Fantasy XIII style (unlikely considering the backlash those games got)
3. Final Fantasy XV style (most likely considering the director of the remake directed this game initially and is fond of arpgs and hasnt made a turn based game ever)

Quickstrike1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Its highly unlikely they'll use the ff XV battle system since its too much of a drastic change.

Face it, it has to remain a type of turn based combat or there will be a backlash.

I would be okay with a modified FF XIII battle system.

CaspuR1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Dude its going to be Final fantasy XV. And honestly no matter what they do this remake will get backlash the battle system debate is pretty even online. What square is going to do is wait till they see the sales from ff15 (which are going to be high) to announce what battle system there using and the ff15 fans would get behind it or/and release a trailer of final fantasy 7 remake looking anything close to what advent children looked like and all will be forgiven, and to those people that are still stuck in the past there cries will be drowned out by the amazing praise the trailer got. They'll probably show off a trailer with Cloud riding one of the summons or something epic like that.

Edit: this remake isn't just for People that played and loved the orginal Final fantasy 7. Its going to be 20+ years since this game came out, people born after final fantasy 7 came out are old enough to be adults and have kids of there own, People that where 20 years old when this game came out probably have kids that are going to be 20 when the remake comes out. I think squares goal is to make a final fantasy for the newer generation and what final fantasy cast is better to introduce final fantasy to a newer genration of people than the FF7 cast? Action rpg is the way to go.

P.S. I also find it amazing how much support turn based games are getting. I hope you guys support other turn based titles as well like persona 5. If you guys cry about ff7 remake possibly not being turn based and you dont buy the best turn based rpg on the market right now, Its ur fault that the genre is dying.

Quickstrike1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I'll be buying Persona 5 day one on PS4. I hope they do something that will let the player choose the battle system at the start of the game. That may add to development time but it would please everyone.

I have not enjoyed an action RPG at all. I find them boring and uninteresting.

CaspuR1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Have you played Dark souls or Bloodborne? Witcher 3? Skyrim or Fallout? I wont even mention kingdom hearts Im just going to assume that was what you had in mind when I said action rpg, Sorry for the mistake if it wasn't. Its easy to see what direction RPGS as a whole is going. Even mmos are going for the more flashier combat style. With that said, every game i mentioned above is an action rpg all of which are vastly different. If you cant find a game up there that suits ur rpg needs you pretty much limited yourself to shin megemi tensi and fire emblem games which aren't bad by any stretch of the imagination, it just means You have alot less to look forward to with rpgs. And I do hope they have an option for both, but me thinking realistically here if they go the action rpg route the game would have to be 100% designed for it world and everything, so its likely that wont happen.

Quickstrike1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I was thinking more along dragon age and dragons dogma when I hear action RPG. Dark/demon souls was tolerable while Kingdom Hearts was the best Action RPG I've played (I tend to forget its considered an action RPG). With that said, KH works because it has a charm that few other action RPGs have.

Square is trying to westernize their games and with that I fear they may make it like Dragon Age and Dragons Dogma. Even if they make it like KH it wouldnt work. Like you said, too many things would have to change.

I find the less turn based FF becomes, the more I dislike it. FF XII being my least favorite. FF XIV being the exception since its an MMO.

Spotie1267d ago

Another ten page article that could easily have been done on one or even two. N4G really should ban such sites.

djaparatic1266d ago

This article is cr*p. It is mostly personal opinion and no argumented facts. The game will not be the same like in PS1 era because of numerous reasons.

1. I don't mind any addons to the game (from DLC, sidestories etc) as long the main lore is following the original. Moreover there are a lot of areas that could be updated (from open world gaming on the "world map", new towns, quests, stories, minigames etc.)

2. DLC are good thing for game publisher and gaming communities as long as the DLC content does not interfere with the game. "Pay to win" is a delicate question and any game publisher today tries to avoid it at all cost.

3. The battle system is another debatable question. It simply can't stay the same as in 1997. Don't you think it would be kind of funny to pick "Attack" command and to see Cloud bouncing to the enemy, slashing it and then return to the same spot? In HD? It would look ridiculously funny for today standards. Some type of compromise should be made. Personally I like the tactics and strategy you get from turn based games, and dislike mostly brain-dead action. So a nice blend would be awesome. Leave the tactics and strategy, but introduce some action elements to connect it all together.

4.voice cast? It is well formed up from the AC. There is no problem with that. Personally I'm well satisfied with the voice choice.