E3 2015 – No Man’s Sky Preview: Exploring a Universe (PSLS)

(PSLS): The formula has been set, a universe has been created, and the humble yet passionate Sean Murray is my guide. We’ve seen the game as a concept numerous times in the past, but Sean is finally showing us the options and tools you have at your disposal as you explore the massive expanse that shows just how tiny and insignificant we are.

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anemraz1218d ago

Interesting, but I want to see more.

nucky641218d ago

i don't need to - I'm ready to start discovering planets and new life right now! (cue star trek theme)

Antifan1218d ago

Honestly, they showed too much. People can't grasp the size of this game, that's why there's more questions than answers. But if you played games like Spore, or Minecraft, then the almost infinite size is in the realm of possible. Spore had almost 50,000 planets to explore, and every planet can be landed on.

Immorals1218d ago

And space exploration is where spore got real boring. It had no real goal, so exploration started feeling unrewarding pretty fast.

AgentSmithPS41218d ago

"The planets ... are also big enough that you could walk straight around them for days or even weeks before you reach your starting point." Nice. I can't wait to explore and name things.

uth111218d ago

"there will be filters so that you can’t name every star system and creature after words for your genitals."

Dammit! Well there goes all my hype for the game! /s

iceman061218d ago

Yep...there goes the discovery of Penisius giganticus. LOL I wonder if I can still name a planet "Bob"!?!

Kryptonite42O1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Might not be able to name them after your genitals but can you name them after Uranus?

Pun Intended

victorMaje1218d ago

It's getting more & more interesting, can't wait to start exploring.

Sharky2311218d ago

This is one of those games you just have to get your hands on! I just wonder what rolls people will take! A trader and pirate sounds awesome!!

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