NES Belt Buckle Video: Now You're Accessorizing With Power!

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"The team over at NESBuckle has created a wardrobe accessory every gamer will want to wear - The NES Belt Buckle.

Fully functional, and sure to get you kicked out of department stores everywhere, the NES belt buckle comes with two controllers, audio/video cables, a power adapter, and a copy of Super Mario Bros.

The NES Belt Buckle also comes with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses to protect your identity, but why would anyone would want to anonymously sport this kick ass product? Enjoy the video after the jump."

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Nostradavis3764d ago

Now someone just needs to make a Sega Master System buckle.

Tempist3763d ago

I think a generation needs to move on and leave their NES behind. Forever.

Cutter203763d ago

That thing looks ridiculous... Might as well be a stop sign that says "No, Don't Get Into My Pants!"

Nostradavis3763d ago

Who cares what it looks like. It's a giant NES belt buckle and you can actually plug it in to TVs in department stores and play games on them!

Tempist3763d ago

I want to know where got power from and why not use a top loading NES. But still.... this is not the golden path to women.

ar3763d ago

Blow me!
Sorry, couldn't resist.