The Last of Us: Dead Ends Looks Like The Side-quel Fans Would Love

If you've got five minutes to spare on this rainy Saturday afternoon (it's chucking buckets here, hopefully you've got some weekend sun) the have a gander at the fan-made The Last of Us: Dead Ends short film down below. - The Games Cabin

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psychobabble1220d ago

*Clicks on article. *Sees "fan-made".

Damn you. Damn you. ;P

chrish19901220d ago

Sorry :( it does say fan-made in the excerpt bit so that people know what to expect before clicking through

psychobabble1220d ago

It didn't show up in the newsfeed that way...

No worries. I don't hate you for it! Just got myself a little too excited there for a second only to have my hopes smashed. haha

generic-user-name1220d ago

Are you the same site that showed the new GTA V single player DLC recently?

Fan made single player DLC that is.

chrish19901219d ago

@generic - yes... again with that one, I did try and make sure it was clear to people that it was fan-made before they click through.

joinsideke1219d ago

That car scene though… <cringe>

Good effects though, and they clearly know how to edit and tell a scene with multiple setups. Pretty solid fan film.

EeJLP-1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Exactly.. with all the special effects, costumes, guns, camera equipment, etc. you'd think they could rent a pickup truck instead of.. pan to shitty 'teens first car'.

Sure, that craptastic car probably gets good gas mileage, which is a plus in that scenario, but you can't haul many supplies or go off roading/uncared for roading.

I'm sure you were probably talking about the acting though, which I agree with that too. Totally unnatural delivery.

Relientk771219d ago

This was pretty damn good