Shenmue 3 Reliant On Kickstarter, $ 2 Million Bare Minimum To Make Game With Just Story

Yu Suzuki has made it clear Sony's involvement in the game is limited. He had criteria for whatever company he would have partnered to make this game, and nobody qualified, not even Sony. Our article has more details on how this has played out.

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yarbie10001217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Dev already said most of the money is going to be coming from independent donors. So no, Sony isn't footing most of the bill. And Yoshida has stated they will support it just like they did with Sportsfriends (Anyone know what Sportsfriends is?} And that the size of the world would be based off donations.

Makes you scratch your head and wonder why no one would come forward to fully support this as many people are asking for it. You would have thought based on E3 Sony was a major player in this. But listening to the devs and Sony themselves, their not.

It does irritate me to hear so many people say 'their just gauging interest' BS! It's to literally make the game. And you don't gauge interest by asking for charity. You send out polls & surveys which is what they do for every other game

trywizardo1217d ago

of course , they're putting the whole game outcome (2m just story , 10m fully open world) on the kickstarter , sony helped the kickstarter movement , but that's it

MasterCornholio1217d ago

Can Sony give money via kickstarter?

trywizardo1217d ago

sony said they're funding it , so that means the studio only needed 2m to start the project and sony will handle the rest , and now the only thing that's funding them is kickstarter

Nirvana315911217d ago

The Kickstarter will continue till the end of the month and Sony will provide the rest of the funding. They can't make this game for $10 million so there is no way this game will be possible with Kickstarter funding. Suzuki has already confirmed the have no plans to work on an Xbox version because Sony will be providing a majority of the funding.

trywizardo1217d ago

@Nirvana : did you even read the article ?!
they refused Sony's help and other companies help . Because they have their own Ideas or something ...

Eonjay1216d ago

So is not funding this game:

I almost fell for this click-bait lie.

rainslacker1216d ago

Many games have donors outside the publisher, or in this case a console maker. The producer of a game is responsible for getting funding, whether fully from the publisher itself, or from the publisher and outside donors. Sony may be publishing the console version, and put money towards that end.

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Angeljuice1217d ago

Polls and surveys are not accurate. You'd be amazed at how many people are all over something until it comes to parting with money.

Dir_en_grey1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It's simple, to have this game made correctly Mr. Yu Suzuki needs to have full control.
Owning the game is important for Ys net's vision and no company is just going to give away money without making money back.

Yu Suzuki's games always tries to be at the forefront of technology and thus costing a lot of resources to make. With crowdfunding at least Ys net gets to have backings by the fans to start out while getting help from Sony since they pretty much have the highest quality 1st party studios for the best tech support. This is probably the most cost efficient and fastest way to make the game. The combination probably can't be done with any other company imo, which is obviously why Mr. Yu Suzuki chose to team w/ Sony.

People saying charity obviously didn't read what you get for helping w/ the Kickstarter. The fans are more then willing to help the Kickstarter as they basically can pre-order this game for a VERY cheap price at the very least. Only $30, beats any other pre-order deal for any other AAA game out there if you ask me.
Win/Win situation for everybody.

deadpoolio3161217d ago

Ummm He and his team DO NOT OWN the IP, Sega was I guess courteous enough to allow him to do something with it...Just because someone lets you use the rights doesn't mean you completely own them

jetlian1217d ago

I said a fewvdays ago with KS only asking for 29 for full game this wasnt gonna be like shenmue of old. And it seems like im right. If they wanted 10 million should have asked for 60 out right.

Dir_en_grey1217d ago

Yeah it's sad the Kickstarter slowed down...
I was thinking the same that they should at least ask for $60 to get the game...
I think a lot of people think that they get nothing for giving to Kickstarter though, hopefully many will realize that they are being promised a final product with merely $29 (at least set it at $30 right? they were too generous)

medman1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I'll be honest...this whole Shenmue situation is getting mighty confusing. When I hear the creator say he's depending on stretch goals for the project, I'm concerned what that will mean if the stretch goals aren't met...particularly the 10 mil "open world" goal. Does that mean what gamers get will not be the game the creator truly wanted to make? Like I said, confusing.

Dir_en_grey1217d ago

Every game is done and worked around a budget just in case you didn't know.

Even for the people that are confused and in doubt, should just give $30 and you are guaranteed to get a game made by what many people consider a legend.

This guy pretty much set the standard for 3D gaming, father of open world games, real time events, day/night cycles, and so many other innovative things that nobody thought was possible at the time he was making them.

Bobertt1216d ago

It is to see how many people are actually willing to buy the game. I believe Shenmue 2 budget was 70 million and was one of the most expensive games back then so im guessing that put off publishers cause sales might not make up enough profit. Now its been 14 years and while all of the fans from before have requested it I can only imagine that its budget will be even higher now from inflation. It could cost as much as AAA games now. It will need new fans too to make a profit. I think its fine if Sony is going to fund the rest of the game if enough people want on kickstarter. The most I believe a game has gotten on kickstarter is $15 million and there is no way that would be enough to make with all the features if it needs 10 million to be true open world game. Also the developer wanted to make 4 or 5 games if fans like number 3 and then thet will need publisher.

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xKugo1217d ago

That's concerning to say the least. Sounds as if he didn't want this to be exclusive at all and had some strict criteria for whomever chose to partner with him for the game. Drastically different situation than what I first assumed it was :/

plsburydoughboy1217d ago

Again, to be clear, Sony seemed really interested in the game. We don't know if they offered money or not, but it was Yu who decided not to go to them.

I'm sorry if you funded it thinking it was a guaranteed PS4 exclusive, but Yu had a bigger problem proving that there was no swindle involved. If you think about it, Sony is the last company that Yu should have approached. The last Shenmue was released on Xbox, and Sega enjoys a closer relationship with Nintendo, having given them the reigns for Bayonetta 2.

Spotie1217d ago

Last... except for his relationship with Cerny, and the fact that Sony is the MOST LIKELY company to support a game like this.

Yep, dead last...

Dir_en_grey1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

No, the rights of last Shenmue (Shenmue 2) was bought out by Microsoft to release in the US, that's why the Dreamcast version never came out in the US while it did other regions; and the English dub for other regions was also removed on Dreamcast due to this deal.

Microsoft has been buying out existing IP's and tech (totally different then funding them) to kill the competition since the beginning, it's how they've always done business. It's sad many people don't realize this... Don't have to believe me, research it yourselves on how many tech and companies were killed this way by Microsoft.

Sitdown1217d ago

But people cried..... And we saw the jubilee during the reveal. Sony won E3!...... Hurry, delete this foolishness of an article. :-)

LifeInNZ1217d ago

The way this game was revealed at E3 was the lowest form of reveal yet. If it were not a plea for funding to get it made then Sony should have just opted for a survey.

I have never seen so many people excited about what is essentially vaporware.

Again, no problem with the announcement but would rather see it announced with a demo and not just a hey, if you want it then go to kickstarter and vote for it.

Spotie1217d ago

You know, you could always just get a PS4. Then you wouldn't have to hide your insecurity behind all this trolling.

Otherwise, what's the point in spending so much time in articles about games you don't care about on a console you don't own or want to own?

Sitdown1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

If your comment was directed toward me, it's probably going to hurt your feelings to know that I've owned my ps4 since launch. See unlike you, I have no allegiance to a company, and don't mind addressing the shortcomings of a product I purchased....I don't need others agreement to validate my decisions. Ohh, I also attended the e3 experience for the 2nd year in a row, so it appears I might like this gaming thing.

People are quick to accuse others of what they themselves do.... Insecurity behind an inanimate object that doesn't know one exist? Haha.... Okay.

LifeInNZ1217d ago

Cant have been aimed at me as I have a PS4 as well. Too many great console exclusives not to have both.

Its funny, people think that when the 360 and PS3 both sold 80 million plus consoles that it must have been to 160 million different people. Its incomprehensible that gamers may buy both consoles!

Perjoss1217d ago

Didn't the original game have like a 60mil budget? what are they going to do with 3 or 4 mil?

Brunire1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It was ahead of the curve at the time, and thus very expensive. It will not be that way this time. They also built it from the ground up back then.

It will not be nearly that expensive this time. Especially if they keep a similar aesthetic to the originals. He already said they will be using some assets from them.

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Redempteur1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

The times have changed

Lots of the money in the original project were lost to :
-Engine develloppement
-Wasted dev time because they were doing something new.

Here , the thing is much more different.
-Marketing is not an issue because they get help from sony and the target scope of the game is already defined/set.( exposure in media is a big deal)
-The engine is done , it's Unreal engine 4 and the people working on it already have experience with it
-The tools to make the games are already done ( middleware software is already in place ) and the concepts are done since long ago.
>Thus, the game cost much lower than usual.
That said 2mil is JUST for a barebonnes version of the game with just story, for a shenmue-like experience , the game need much more at least 5 mil (10 would be the best )

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