Fallout 4: Top 15 Amazing Facts That You May Not Be Aware of

A look at 15 things to get excited for the upcoming anticipated RPG, Fallout 4.

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chiefdog111217d ago

Facts we may not be aware of? Every one of the things on the list are common, basic knowledge for anyone who's been following this game even remotely. Nothing here we didn't already know.

Soapboxhero1216d ago

Linked video fumbles the megaton town reference joke by calling it megatron and refers to a final fantasy 8 remake, seems like a reliable source of information.

SlightlyRetarted1216d ago

Oh, and he bitches about returning enemies! Yeah just throw all that lore to the trash can.

OB1Biker1216d ago

Fallout 3 is number 1 big thing?
Would nt it make more sense to play it now while waiting for the game if you really want to?

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