Three Amazing E3 2015 Trailers and Three That Disappointed

COG writes: To narrow our list down three of the best and worst trailers from E3 2015 was no easy task. It was fantastic show for trailers and the publishers didn’t disappoint. Despite this, there were a few duds. So have a look at these 6 trailers on our list and tell us what you think.

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Digital_Anomaly1242d ago

Even though there was no actual gameplay involved with the Recore trailer I'm still very interested in that game. I mean look at the name behind it with Inafune... that right there means we should at least consider it!

MRBIGCAT1242d ago

Nobody is excited for it. But might be a good game for the kids.

Unless they throw in some kind of dog figure with the game, it won't sell. The next trailer better be good and include gameplay.

Nirvana315911242d ago

Horizon was the game of the show, FF7 Remake the best trailer and Shenmue 3 the best shocker. Sony takes all the awards

fanboysmackdown1242d ago

So you speak for everyone do you? With talent like Inafune behind it I'm betting on a pretty good title and I'm curious to see what the game looks like. Next time you speak for's an idea, keep it to yourself.

Dabigkahuna5041242d ago

Nirvana are serious about FF7 trailer because I didn't really see anything but the FF7 logo did I miss something

Ferage1242d ago

If it was a Sony exclusive, you pony's would praise it rofl.

Dlacy13g1242d ago

I am very excited for Recore. Hope to see more more soon but the basic premise has me sold so far.

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Legion211242d ago

Don't think it belongs on the list. It was a reveal for a new ip to garner attention, I think it did just that.

medman1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Oh, Recore gets consideration...but Horizon Zero Dawn was it for was just spectacular. There were so many good titles at this year's show, it really was an embarrassment of riches. Regarding's an interesting concept, but without gameplay, nobody has any idea what it looks like or what it will play like. So just as with a game like Scalebound, you really have no idea what to expect and can only wait for more to be revealed. But I definitely wouldn't call it a disappointment as the author did, same as I wouldn't call Dreams a disappointment...we simply haven't seen enough of either to really know that yet.

On a side note...there are so many other games that both Sony and Microsoft didn't show off in their conferences that have already been announced and are highly anticipated...some of the omissions surprised me. I really expected to see Rime, Wild, The Tomorrow Children, Inside, Below, Persona 5, Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, God of War Collection, Gears Collection...I know some of those were on the show floor, but I still expected to see gameplay in the conferences. I guess it bodes well for the rest of the years shows, especially when thinking we know we'll probably see those games and more later on this year.

DarkOcelet1242d ago

Both Dreams and Encore looked very interesting. They were not at the slightest disappointing.

Metroid on the other hand was a slap on the face. Look at the dislike ratio on YT. 6k likes over 59k dislikes.

Paulhammer1242d ago

Would definitely have liked more details on recore, but I still think that game is promising.... As long as it isn't a Knack clone!

ninsigma1242d ago

You're right about the clone, no one wants a clone, but if it was in the same vein as knack then that would be good because knack turned out to be a great little title.

Toiletsteak1242d ago

I agree with dreams it really didn't look all that good, Horizon was the game that stood out the most and it deserves everything it gets, i can't wait to see more on that game.

gosukyomomma1242d ago

I thought dreams looked amazing and i can not wait to play and interact with other peoples 'dreams' agreed developer didnt explain very well but that was his intention as more will be shown in paris games week.

Ive never been disappointed by a media molecule game so hope this does not let me down!

Metroid though WTF. I feel sorry for nintendo i grew up on nintendo games and its sad to see them eff things up so badly

ninsigma1242d ago

I'm not really sure what to say about dreams. I mean it looks call with regards to that we seem to have tim burton-esque visuals. But other than that it didn't appeal to me. I don't think I'm its target audiance, doesn't mean it won't be good.

Horizon though, was just on another level of awesome. They stole the show in terms of best new IP.

Relientk771242d ago

Horizon and Dishonored 2 are two of the games I'm most excited for

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