Wardevil exclusive for PS3 ?

A recent press release from UTV states that Wardevil is now a PS3 exclusive.

"UTV has also announced the acquisition of a 70% stake in Ignition Entertainment Ltd, a UK based Company with over 100 employees for around Rs. 60 crores. Annual revenues of the Company as on December 31, 2006, are expected to be around US$ 15 million. With this development, UTV acquires interests in console game development, publishing and distribution across the globe. This acquisition brings to the table phenomenal relationships with hardware manufacturers, game developers and distributors such as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, SNK, Konami, Atari, Virgin, Wal Mart, etc. Ignition is presently developing a path-breaking top end game 'WarDevil' budgeted at around GBP 10 million and is expected to release it in the year 2008 exclusively on the Sony Playstation3(tm) (PS3) platform. PS3 was launched in November 2006 in Japan and the US and it is expected to sell more than 30 million units by the end of 2008.
Says Andy Whitehurst, the Creative Director spearheading 'War Devil', "The project is being developed exclusively for the Sony Playstation3(tm) and we're excited to be associated with Sony's next generation system. WarDevil is designed to leverage not only the videogames properties of the system, but also the Blu-Ray and media rich functions of the PS3 - presenting a unique combination of both Videogame & Motion Picture into a single, unique product, which gives cinematic High Definition content (1080P) in real-time on the PS3."

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specialguest4356d ago

how is Dante not banned by now?

InMyOpinion4355d ago

Dante and that sean1234, or whatever he's called, must be the same guy. If not you must be brothers, retardation that bad can't come from different families.

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keep doing your thing bro. These f4ggot 360 fanb!tches can dish it out but cant take it. I say fuk em'.

*Bash away!!


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BIadestarX4356d ago

kudos for Sony on this exclusive game. Another reason why it's not worth buying a PS3 at least until "2008" when most of the good games will be available, they fix all the bugs, probably have an ok online service. I will eventually buy a PS3 only if games like this stay exclusive. I'm sure there will be a price drop before 2008.

Grown Folks Talk4356d ago

it was announced as a ps3 title before both systems came out.

beans4356d ago

This is going to be an awesome game although I don't believe for one moment it's going to be exclusive to PS3!

Fuzz McDeath4356d ago

Not a fanboy here, but how do you know its going to be an awesome game? They've only ever released a couple screen caps and a target video of the engine...I don't think they've ever even mentioned what the story really is or what the gameplay will be like. Are you psychic?

Antan4356d ago

I hear ya on this Fuzz and totally agree, the same thing can be said about countless other games people have marked down as AAA contenders when they have seen little to no gameplay whatsoever. I wont name games, wouldn`t like to start more boring flamewars but these games exist on both 360 and PS3.

beans4355d ago

We never know if a game is going to be or bad bad most of us like to assume the best based on trailers! People assumed that the PS3 would be great and 360 before launched so why don't you guy's go and criticize them as well! I have the right to state my opinion just like anyone else without having to be attacked by people like you guys that for whatever reason think your always correct! It's a gaming site and if i'm excited about something and you don't like what i say just skip and move the he11 on!

THWIP4356d ago

Their official website, which I've had bookmarked for almost 2 YEARS now, has NEVER mentioned another platform, other than the PS3. Although, their official announcement didn't come until about a year ago ; Sony latched onto this company, as soon as they saw it's RTE1080 engine in action.
The early "footage" looked amazing, as usual, but the E3 '06 footage looked like standard UE3 quality stuff, that we're seeing in A LOT of 360 games. It won't be anything truly special, but it WILL be a much needed exclusive for Sony.

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