E3 2015 | How The Nintendo Digital Event Disappointed At E3

The Nintendo Digital Event nailed the unique presentation aspect once again, but the content no-showed them.

What went wrong?

It’s not like there wasn’t good stuff in the Nintendo Digital Event: Star Fox Zero, The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, more Super Mario Maker, and more of the newly renamed Fire Emblem Fates were all shown off. Those were great, even if some weren’t exactly a surprise. The awesome stuff leading up to E3 was just more exciting than the show itself. Not to mention, Star Fox Zero opened the show on a high note, but they had nothing to even touch that level of hype for the rest of the show. If you only have one bullet in the chamber, you don’t fire it in the air as a warning shot. That’s what happened and the Nintendo Digital Event had nowhere to go but down after Star Fox Zero.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1215d ago

Federation Force replacing a main line Metroid game, and Animal Crossing board game.
That's what went wrong.

Off-topic: Yet another " Nintendo had a bad E3" article.
Glasses up; everyone has to take a shot.

PlebeGamer1215d ago

If you read the whole article it even specifies Nintendo had an overall great E3. Their E3 was actually stellar overall with the Nintendo Digital Even being a black eye on an otherwise stellar show.

As for Metroid Prime Federation Force, it was just terrible timing to announce it, not the game itself.