Yakuza 5 Release Date Not Set, But Sega Now Has a Season in Mind

Having spent months with only “2015” stamped on it — and a lot of that time with gamers assuming a summer title for whatever reason — Yakuza 5‘s own official English website now tags it with a slightly more specific release window.

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animegamingnerd1399d ago

Screw it because i hoping to get a release date during E3 so i hold off on importing the game. But since E3 just came and went without any date and now might come out in the fall i just decided to order a copy off of amazon should be arriving on tuesday. Gonna have quite the busy week thanks to not only Batman Arkham Knight but also now Yakuza 5.

showtimefolks1398d ago

I don't know wht sega just doesn't add subtitles during development, that way we don't literally have to beg to play our favorite game

After yakuza 5 is ishin

Sega just release a yakuza collection for ps4 with all the yakuza games to date

JoeReno1398d ago

Great idea. Where is that Sega suggestion box.

This would be an awesome new N4g feature. Links to publishers for great ideas like this. Could even have to go thru some vote/review to make sure they are not getting bombarded with emails. Make it happen admin.

Farsendor11398d ago

Suggest that in the forums, a lot of the staff are in the forums.

akiraburn1398d ago

I actually suggested that exact idea already on Sega's forums, but a number of the other community members thought that it sounded too unlikely and wouldn't happen. I still think the idea would make a lot of sense, offering a sizable profit to Sega without too much investment, and offering the potential for new fans to more easily enter the series.

Given how many titles there are, I think they could make two or possibly even three collections on PS4. The main entries would be Collection One with Yakuza 1-3 and the other with Yakuza 4, 5, and Zero. I'd love to see Ishin and the other spin offs as well, but I don't know how likely that is anymore. If it would happen. the other one could have Ishin, Kenzan, and even Dead Souls since they have 3 spin-offs now, but that would require localizing Ishin and Kenzan (so that's most likely improbable).

I would love to see the series get the recognition and sales that it deserves outside of Japan, but just looking at Sega's release decisions paints a very confusing and disappointing picture. For the points of what I'm referencing, Yakuza 2 released on PS2 in western markets over 2 years later than Japan (and the PS3 was already also out for two years at that point), Yakuza 3 released on the same day as Final Fantasy XIII with God of War 3 roughly one week later and Heavy Rain just a couple weeks before it, and Yakuza 4 released right next to (or some on the same day) as Dragon Age 2, Ar Tonelico, Homefront, Crysis 2, and the 3DS's launch. And none of the Yakuza titles have had any sort of decent marketing.

Now to add onto that mess, Yakuza 5 is going to release only digitally, solely on the PS3 with no PS4 release announced or seemingly planned, coming out 3 years later than Japan, and in one of the most crowded holiday seasons we've had in the past decade. I know that I'll be buying my copy on day one, but there's no denying that there's some poor planning there and that it'll be a difficult sell for many people who aren't the most diehard fans. I desperately want it to get a strong response, despite Sega's mismanagement, and have it prove to them that we want the series. Though frustratingly, it seems unlikely at this point.

Khajiit861398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

PS3 exclusives still coming...

Serious question: when was the last major exclusive for 360? and 360 only.

isarai1398d ago

Too late imo. I absolutely LOVE the Yakuza series, i've played every single one including the spinoff dead souls and the psp version. But SEGA has been treating western fans like shit this time around, hell two more installments have been released in japan since they started honeydicking people with this localization. I've already sold my ps3 and am beyond fed up with Japanese publishers bullshit when it comes to a western release.

TheColbertinator1398d ago

Hurry up Sega if you still want my money