Shenmue III Creator Yu Suzuki Talks Day/Night Cycle, Weather, Gameplay, Open World and More

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki is now fully engaged on his Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3, and he has just finished hosting an AMA on Reddit, answering quite a few questions on the upcoming game and more.

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die_fiend1269d ago

I'm glad he said he's not happy with Ryo's face as he looks really different!

No wonder they used Unreal 4 engine...Shenhua has Cliffy B's pig nose

Nirvana315911269d ago

Oh man Sony had the best conference I've seen in a very long time. I almost cried like a little girl when they announced Shenmue

MWH1269d ago

I sent them an email regarding the characters models and they said they will take care of it down the line and not to worry (y)

SegaGamer1269d ago

He's even thinking about a 4th and 5th game. That would be awesome to see but i am perfectly happy with a 3rd right now.

DrRobotnik1269d ago

I really hope it leads to that. Also, since the reveal I hope they do a HD touched up version of 1 and 2 and release in on psn to get the non shenmue players up to speed.......DO IT!!!!

WheatBread1269d ago

He should also consider re-releasing the first two games for those that haven't played it before.

Omeganex99991269d ago

That is not Yu Suzuki's decision, it all depends on Sega... who will probably understand that it's now or never! My bet is Shenmue I&II HD in 2016 and III in 2017!