The Calm After the Storm - A look back at E3 2015

Player2 looks over all the conferences and explains why this was the best E3 in years.

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Mapsman1243d ago

Good write up. Sums up my feelings pretty well

Nirvana315911243d ago

I'm still in awe after Sonys conference. Best conference in history

Footyspacecadet1242d ago

I wouldn't go that far but it was pretty good.

JoeBloggs1243d ago

I am not sure that Nintendo don't listen but they kind of think they no better. In the past they have but they are floundering pretty bad Pr wise now days

Footyspacecadet1243d ago

I think they just don't care for whatever reason. They could have killed it with some Zelda and Mario but they just phoned it in.

SpamnJam1243d ago

Such a good year for everyone I think. So many cool games coming

maybelovehate1243d ago

Good write-up. Sony brought the hype, Microsoft got everyone excited for the next 6 months and Nintendo... Well whatever.