Have another look at Killzone 2's multiplayer mode

PS3 Fanboy writes: "You can't really see it in our tiny screenshot above (you'll have to check out the high res version here), but this screenshot details one's personal dossier for the online mode of Killzone 2. It's looking like quite a comprehensive list as you can check out the ribbons and medals you've earned, your attained military rank, and your badge usage in addition to the traditional leaderboard rankings and total games played."

(via a Game Trailers thread)

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-M4verick-3739d ago

I think Killzone 2 is going to be Sony's first real blockbuster FPS and a new flagship franchise for the Playstation Brand. You can tell now that Guerilla are owned by Sony...their in a whole other league.

CViper3739d ago

I think we are down to:

"Buh Buh Grey"

and thats about it. Everyone can say the game didn't change their life like sony said it would because of 4d, but hell, its looking to be a great fps.

With second to none visuals, and it looks like the only rival for stats will be PC:BF2.

n4gzz3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Killzone rulz. This personal stats gonna be addicting as hell. Just don't forget to play res2 and gears2 sometime.

blusoops3739d ago

Very impressive stat tracking and options. Warhawk has some pretty good stat tracking but not near that many options. BTW warhawk remains to be my all time favorite online shooter untill R2 and KZ2 come out!

pwnsause3739d ago stats system looks pretty freaking cool.

The gaming GOD3739d ago

But you know somebody will still find some TINY thing to nit-pick and complain about

mikeslemonade3739d ago

Why isn't it 16:9? If it's 16:9 and still looks like that im impressed. That's as in depth as a RPG. Who needs FFXIII when you have this!?

Baba19063739d ago

i do. its not like K2 is a fantasy rpg. totally fanboyish to bring ff13 into this news.

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The story is too old to be commented.