Yoshi’s Woolly World is One of the Best Nintendo Games at E3 for Yet Another Year

"The game is gorgeous as to be expected. Most already thought that Kirby’s Epic Yarn was beautiful enough on the original Wii, but Yoshi’s Wooly World looks better, even downright amazing, on an HD screen. The art style is incredibly creative and full of charm. Visuals are just a small part of a game, though, as gameplay trumps all in the end. It fortunately is as much a blast to play as it is to look at. Many feared that the Yoshi games were headed in a questionable direction after Yoshi’s New Island on the 3DS, as the series failed to introduce any new mechanics, was too easy, and failed to be rewarding enough for players. Yoshi’s Wooly World, on the other hand, combats all of these concerns" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Mikito111217d ago

Getting it next week :D

WeAreLegion1216d ago

It comes out next week?!?

jcnba281216d ago

In Europe the game drops on June 26th

jcnba281216d ago

While Nintendo's E3 was week this year there's still much to look forward to this year with Yoshi's Wholly World, Devil's Third, Fatal Frame and Starfox Zero. All of which are exclusive to Wii U.

kaizokuspy1216d ago

Starfox looked bad to me, maybe it's bc the look of the cockpit on the tablet was just poorly done. It's so empty look, not to matter that if I want the immerse experience I have to stare at a screen the size of my phone. That tablet, while it creates a lot of new ventures for me, it also ruins a lot of them, not to mention all the games I was looking forward to aside from starfox, we're developed for 3ds. Ruined my metroid hype :(

The 10th Rider1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I don't the hud or any of that was finalized. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they kept a minimalist approach to the cockpit view so they don't obscure too much.

kaizokuspy1216d ago

@10th rider. I agree with you, but it's just so disheartening for me. I want to love the wiiU, but I don't want to use that stupid tablet. I know I can use probably the pro controller or whatever, but idk what I was even expecting from star fox. My nostalgia eyes are bigger than my reality stomach.

The 10th Rider1216d ago

At the very least they did say you can turn off the gyro.

Star Fox definitely didn't blow me away like I was hoping for, but I still imagine it'll be a fun little game.

Clown_Syndr0me1216d ago

I'd probably like the look of this...If I was a 6 year old girl.

jcnba281216d ago

Yeah I'd stick to toddler type games until you gain some maturity.

n4f1216d ago

so by the look of it you can't play any of puzzle or ''smart'' game then...

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