Pixel Eden to make a Worldwide release!!!

it located in post 110
Wow.. what a huge response to my blog entry today!

To answer a few of the queries, the July 31st release date is worldwide (touch wood), I think this even means Australia.

This is NOT the last game in the series, by a long shot. However, we are going to be secret - we actually work on a lot of ideas and already have a "lost work" (ie. a title we cancelled halfway through development because it just wasn't working the way we wanted it to)

I also heard there will be another blog enry tomorrow with some more info from the team at Santa Monica.

Oh and there will be a demo for the EU store too for a change! (a first for a PixelJunk game)
I think that will go up simultaneously with the full game next week.

I really can't see anyone not buying it after playing the demo
(but I am bound to say that, right?)

Thanks for the TON of fan-mail we have been getting by the way - I try to answer most of them directly but if some got missed I apologize.

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sushipoop3791d ago

Can't wait for next week.

Rob0g0rilla3791d ago

Trophies and XMB music. Nice.

wolfehound223790d ago

I can't go to the link since I am at work. Did he say PJ Monsters would support those features or are you just speculating since PJ Eden will support it. If it does that is great.

thor3790d ago

he said they are "looking into adding these features into pixeljunk monsters" so it's not guaranteed, but likely

Megaton3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

"First of all, be sure to check out the demo when it hits the PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow. Just a hint - if you explore the “main menu” you’ll find access to more than one demo stage. Also, to give you an idea of how cool the YouTube recording function works, here are a couple of videos taken by someone at Sony today."

More than one demo stage if you explore the main menu? Perhaps the ability to purchase the full game via demo like some other PSN titles allow? That'd rock my socks straight through the roof if I could get the full game tomorrow instead of next week. Not optimistic enough to hold my breath, though.

Fishy Fingers3790d ago

Worldwide release huh, that's a first for the PSN isn't it? Hopefully the tide is beginning to change and we'll see this more often.

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