E3 2015: GAEMS – Gaming Experience On-the-Go

Dr. Kendo from BagoGames writes: It’s all about GAEMS… no, that’s not a typo, it stands for Gaming And Entertainment Mobile Systems. Founded in 2010, GAEMS specializes in bringing a lagless gaming-on-the-go experience like no other.

Fellow Bago Games writer, Chris Newton, and myself had the opportunity to meet with GAEMS and figure out what they have to offer, and were thoroughly impressed.

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lockedongamer11217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I've always wanted a monitor to take around with me for my consoles on trips.

Somebody1217d ago

Me, too. Earlier this month I brought my PC to my grandfather's village. I spent weeks looking for a proper monitor portable enough for the trip. I found some very thin USB-powered monitors but their resolution was to low for my liking while a 1080P version was a bit expensive.

In the end I bought a regular 22-inch 1080P monitor that is light enough to carry around.

Ajoyshop1217d ago

I've seen the built in monitors and the one they had for the PSone. This is a lot nicer than that. Streaming might make this moot though. If you can stream your ps4 games from a phone or Psvita from anywhere.