Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Achievements Leaked

Whoops, the leaks have sprung again on Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A Twitter user has posted images of the supposed achievements/trophies and in doing so, may have released some spoiler-ish content.

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just_looken1217d ago

Phone pics game is almost done on the final code must have been a janatior or something.

Some spoilers in the list but mgs fanboys should know what will be happening to a degree.

Oh checkout the very bottom looks like the hospital scene we saw over a year ago is still there.

Soldierone1217d ago

You can just tell a lot of these are grinding ones, and getting S-Rank is normally hard as heck for at least a few missions.

just_looken1217d ago

na this is like peace walker so just redo them with the right gear and tranquilizer rifles. What is hard is metal gear solid 2/3 Europe extreme 0 alert's boss rank for the trophy's.

PaleMoonDeath1217d ago

Well, that isn't good.. before long we'll have twits on the internet throwing story spoilers out there.

Toiletsteak1217d ago

It is actually easy to avoid, i have managed to stay clear of anything to do with Batman, i haven't seen or read anything to do with that game since it got announced which has been hard because it is my most anticipated game but i want everything to be a surprise.

PaleMoonDeath1217d ago

Batman is easy for me too, but MGS.. it's my favourite series dude, been following MGS5 since that fishy Phatntom Pain trailer, at one point or another, I'll end up coming across some douche bag ruining something vital.

They can't help themselves.