Castlevania Wii Fighter: A Stake Through The Heart of Koji Igarashi

Ripten writes:

"Castlevania gamers rejoiced when a new installment in the popular series was announced at this year's E3. Fans then became less enthused when they learned that instead of a traditional action-adventure title like those the series is known for, the new Castlevania is going be a fighter for the Nintendo Wii.

In a recent interview with current Castlevania series producer Koji Igarashi, Wired questioned the man on this bizarre transition, and his answers were a little worrying."

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Nostradavis3829d ago

A franchise with a rich history like Castlevania deserves better....

Dannagar3829d ago

Koji Igarashi put a stake through my heart.

Nostradavis3829d ago

Dannagar, I actually feel bad for him. Its the publisher that isn't giving him the coin to develop the game the way he would have liked to from what I understand.

sunnygrg3829d ago

devs arent given much freedom by their publishers.

Just look at Kojima and see what happens when you let a talented bird spread its wings.

chanto233829d ago

at least is wasn't through your a.s.s...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
/jk :)

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Nostradavis3829d ago

Did anyone get in to play this game?

soul899er3829d ago

wow, he seems very disappointed, he should work for PS3 and 360 and go back to platforming roots, its a shame :/ Castlevania HD wouldve been awesome xD

Skerj3829d ago

An HD 2d Castlevania in the vein of Symphony of the Night and the GB/DS Castlevania titles would be effin ace.

ChickeyCantor3829d ago

You know for a game that gives bonus content to both games(C:OoE and C:J) i think the idea is good.
else you have to focuss on both RPG games.

360 or Ps3 will have a full fledged 3D adventure.

PS360WII3828d ago

Geez it's not like this is the only new Castlevania game he showed guys. He is still making that traditional one on DS that everyone so wants him to make rather then the fighting game... oh he's making both rock on even better. Castlevania fans rejoice your wish has been granted well before you screamed bloody murder

ChickeyCantor3828d ago

Exactly, and the last thing i want to do is concentrate on 2 Castlevania games that both go by lines of SOTN.
One is enough for now, and the DS game looks awesome.

I seriously think its a good thing, this causes varation.
Also the bonus content is a plus.

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