The Fans Have Spoken – They Want Old Call Of Duty Games To Be Made Backwards Compatible

Microsoft have added a poll were fans can vote which games they would like to see made backwards compatible on Xbox One. Although non are currently leading, four Call Of Duty games are in the top 10 which shows an amazing demand for past Call Of Duty’s to be made playable on Xbox One. Only Call Of Duty can boast having more than one game in a video game series to be in the top 10 (Let alone FOUR!)

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mafiahajeri1398d ago

I want a HD COD 2, thats what I want...

Summons751398d ago

and it will still be better than every cod that has come out since cod4...

Nirvana315911398d ago

Good luck convincing Activision to allow their games to be backwards compatible lol

RiseofScorpio1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Its not like they are selling huge amounts of pre 2013 COD titles anyways. They might make them digital only on X1 if they are frugal.

Army_of_Darkness1398d ago

So it's not enough that you get an annual cod release, but you xbone gamers want too play previous cod's from last gen as well?? Lmfao!

freshslicepizza1397d ago

all the previous call of duty games running on microsoft's dedicated servers would be a real treat, won't happen though.

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ThichQuangDuck1398d ago

The graphics have not hugely changed. Why have a developer remake everyone of their games rather than just make it backwards compatible and focus on making new games

iTechHeads1398d ago

It's kinda funny that people on the internet complain about COD being "copy n paste" every year but then you have those who actively say they want remasters of the old ones and stuff. Kinda funny.

I say look to the future. if you want to play old COD then play it on your old console.

It think Activision thinks the same way. They want people to buy NEW COD games and DLC not focus on old COD games where there's way less money(if any) to be made anymore.

(To XB1 owners, I hope you get to play your 360 COD games though, if that's what you really want.)

mafiahajeri1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

COD 2 is nothing like the new ones that are being asked for remasters, it was a game that required much more skill then the new ones and there was none of the new features like perks etc.

I guess I want to play it because it started my love for MP games on consoles when it first released on the 360, I moved to the ps3 and it never released on it.

Thats why I want an HD COD 2. I can see myself playing it today if they re-release it on current gen consoles.

You must be mistaking COD 2, COD4 and WAW with Modern warfare 2 and onwards...

And for people saying no more WW2 games your living in the past, whens the last GOOD WW2 game we got? Exactly. Theres still much to be explored I want to play from the side of the axis. Japan, Germany and Italy, now that would be interesting...

If anything enough with exo suits...

isa_scout1398d ago

I would love to have MW1 and 2, and South Park The Stick of Truth. Kind of sucks that they announced the RARE collection and most of the BC games are the same ones in the collection. I am enjoying Mass Effect though, as it has been years since I replayed the original.

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Zero1091398d ago

World at War...better yet. They need to make a second one. Co-op campaign and maybe go through multiple wars and next gen only. Now that's a CoD I'd buy. *Sigh*, we can dream can't we.

Ricegum1398d ago

Na. No more world War 2 games pls. Black Ops 3 looks decent for me.

ScarzFX1398d ago

With backwards compatible online games will people playing on xbox one be playing with people that are still playing on the 360?

UnHoly_One1398d ago

Yes. It is just like operating a 360 within your Xbox One.

When you launch a 360 game you even get the 360 splash screen that the console shows when it boots up.

You can even bring up the 360 guide by pressing the menu and view buttons at the same time.

It's pretty sweet, honestly.

ScarzFX1398d ago

Ahh I see, thats pretty cool! Thanks :)

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