Reasons Why Sony Won E3 2015

GamerBolt: "The real problem that Microsoft has failed to address is that the PS4 has a better exclusive line-up, better performance, a larger community, its slimmer in size, and you’ll find more 1080p titles."

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trywizardo1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

they had a good show , but didn't win , MS and Bethesda were better
Square Enix and Sony were great , Ea and UBI were good and Nintendo sucked
this is just my opinion ...

Rimeskeem1218d ago

I always hated putting "winner" on a something if it was too subjective. I prefer to think they all won at something!

Nirvana315911218d ago

E3 conferences summed up.

Sony - "Here's Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian, Horizon, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Dreams from Media Molecule."

Microsoft - "Here's a bunch of games you've already seen, an MMO from Rare, a CGI trailer and the ability to play old games."

Square Enix - "Here are 3 more PS4 exclusives because PS master race."

Farmassy1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@ Nirvana

"Here is Shenmue 3. We have done literally nothing with it but we will just mention the name so people will freak out. People will smile while they give us money for a game that won't come out for at least another 2 years. This game will definitely not live up to the original because, while revolutionary for its time, the gameplay mechanics of shenmue will need serious updating to become unique again."

"Here is Final Fantasy 7. You will be able to play it on other consoles but if we announce it people will act like we are special."

Horizon does look cool though... and the last guardian will either be one of my favorite games ever or a total trainwreck. I think it will be a good game.

Professor_K1218d ago


worst summed up ever, obviously one side

Army_of_Darkness1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

PS4 won because it has a bunch of games I'm looking forward to playing in the near/ too far future (which not only includes exclusives) but the better multiplat versions of 3rd party games on consoles as well ;-)
MS had a good show, but not good enough to convince me too buy a xbone yet... and No, I don't care for Backwards compatibility. I care for new current Gen games.

Tumaras1218d ago

I agree on neither side winning. I think Microsoft is heading in a better direction than they were. BC is a nice feature add but not the game changer people think. I had a bc PS3 and used the bc functionality of it maybe twice. When people see it's only 100 games. There were over 1100 Xbox 360 games released on disc by the way, so less than 1:10 to start will be playable, wait until people realize that. Sony announced some great unique exclusive titles that look really fun. As for Xbone, Halo 5 didn't impress, Tomb Raider looked like a QTE game, but both Gears 4 and Gears Ult Edition already look like a blast. I'm not sure which is ahead on AR/VR, we'll see in a year. Xbone is definitely ahead in indies and Cuphead looks like a blast.

If anyone "won" it was Bethesda, since FO4 absolutely stole the show and set a bar none of the others could match. Ubisoft had a good show, but I'd be worried if I were them about the extreme lack of hype over AC: Syndicate.

I hear people said Square Enix did well, but Deus Ex and Mirror's Edge both left people pretty unexcited, to the point that their devs actually replied to Twitter complaints/concerns on Deus (which was quite funny) and put out a longer demo to offset some concerns.

DragonKnight1218d ago

"Here is Final Fantasy 7. You will be able to play it on other consoles but if we announce it people will act like we are special."

First, citation needed.

Second, you mean like Star Ocean 5, Nier, or World of Final Fantasy? Bet you'll love playing Street Fighter 5 on your Xbox One too won't you?

nix1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Anyone who has a problem thinking Sony conference was just a rehash of old games should watch live reactions on YouTube. There are men crying because that's how big those games are to people who are gamers like us.

Like i personally don't like Gametrailers because they have been so sly throughout the last gen by always favouring Xbox... But i saw their reaction videos to the announcement of FFVII and Shenmui. They were just going nuts. One of the guys cried continuously till the end.. That's how good the announcement was.

Watch the videos guys, it's the most beautiful thing you can see all day. I was so overwhelmed by their videos that i shed a tear too.

That's why those announcements won. Doesn't matter how many systems it's coming on.

Cindy-rella1218d ago

Nothing looked as good as Uncharted 4 or Horizon. Sony won imo

AngelicIceDiamond1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@Nirvana Now that's one HELL of a unfair comment.

The fact that people agreed and give Nirvana a bubble for that huge troll comment just proves this is a disgusting fanboy troll site period.

Sony beat MS in surprises but MS had more well rounded conference. Out of the two nobody lost There is no real loser here.

People are incapable being realistic. To emotionally involved in their machines, its stupid, just dumb and very childish.

Disagree and cry and the only thing trolls can do. Can't do anything else, not smart enough.

inveni01217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Microsoft had a great show. I can admit that, and I have no love for MS at all. But compared to Sony's show, it was more typical E3. Even the Gears demo really didn't seem to ramp up the franchise. And my 10-year-old son thought Halo looked boring. But those games are beloved, and it's great gamers are getting another go at them on new consoles. Most of their new stuff was just CG.

But Sony? They opened with TLG. That was major. Sure, it was originally dated for 2012 and still has a lot of reservations attached to it, but people feel pumped that they're confident enough to reveal it again. Horizon: Zero Dawn speaks for itself. Seeing Media Molecule on stage again after all of these years was great. A FFVII remake is major news, as gamers have been asking for that for years. (Even though it's still a believe it when I see it deal. Square Enix seems to have trouble releasing sometimes.) and these announcements kept coming. In fact, the lowest point was the COD partnership. How awesome is your conference when the lowest point is partnering with the biggest first person shooter franchise in history? And then nothing touches Uncharted 4. It wasn't a surprise, but it took what we love and gave us something insanely impressive and MUCH improved over previous games.

Both sides did well, but Sony simply had more megatons…even if the fallout dissipates before the games release.

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Crazay1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

WHy the hell can't any of these people get their heads out of their butts. Bethesda had a great show. Microsoft had an amazing show and Sony also had an amazing display for different reasons.

The thing is. on top of all games they showed, the Fallout Exclusive content (for now) the major indie support, MS announced something that very few ever thought or predicted would happen. It was something of a bombshell announcing the backwards compatibility.

I mean that's a pretty amazing announcement and somewhat game changing (no pun intended) and because of that you have to give the edge to MS.

That's not to say Sony didn't perform really really well. They had some great games that as a gamer gave me goosebumps. Things that make me sit back and say Wow! But they aren't changing the landscape of the industry (and they weren't exactly forthcoming with many dates - very few firm ones if memory serves). Microsoft is. This could well set the precedent going forward for future console design. VMs running old Operating systems to make it happen. This is actually big. PS Now was awesome but be damned if I can get that system actually run anything with my lackluster internet. I'm cancelling it this week.

End of the day - the future of gaming with this current generation is looking pretty damn awesome for all of us. Let's relish in that.

titans99991218d ago

Dude, SONY also has the same backwards compatibility. Both suck though because both Microsoft AND SONY charge a fucking fee to stream old games! Fuck that bullshit!

DragonDDark1218d ago

Why did Microsoft exactly win?

Letthewookiewin1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I think MS had a great show and I'm notoriously skewed towards Sony, (I can tell by the amount of ignores I have lol) but I really think MS had a fantastic show but what if, they didn't announce BC? Would it still have been what it was? The only game I have on my X1 still is MCC and Ori and the games I can look forward to are more Halo(which is a fantastic game) and Gears 1, I don't like racing games and get all my multiplats on PS4. But with BC added to their show it made their conference really good. I can't help but ask would it have been as good without it?

DillyDilly1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Why did Sony win ? They announce a timed exclusive game. A game that's been in development since 2009. With still no signs of it actually releasing this time & another game with no release date

princejb1341218d ago

i thought the same
never enjoyed halo
i like gears though looking forward to the next one
bc compatible? who needs it i buy next gen console to play next gen games plus who wants to play more cod since thats what most 360 users played

Professor_K1218d ago

They released Backwards combatibility a feature that has been higly anticipated and asked for by the xbox gamer every since the launch of the console, a big deal if you want to play your old Xbox 360 games in new capable hardware the results are steadier frame rate, fast loading screens ect. People wont have to look foward to remasters anymore unless they are realy old games like the ones on Rare collection. You can argue that you bought next gen consoles to play next gen games...well good for you but now Xbox gamers like my self have the chance to play our long froggotten library of great games along with next gen games. Opinions are opinions but OPTIONS are options.

modelgod1218d ago

@dragonddark did he say MS won? Get your nerdy ass head out of sony's ass so you can actually see. HE DID NOT SAY THEY WON, but your so fucking fanboyish that even the slightest compliment to MS got your panties in a bunch. Sony is not superior in every facet, ppl prefer certain games, certain online play, and some (most) ppl are brand loyal. If you have what you perceive is the superior system then enjoy and stop with the paranoia.

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Pogmathoin1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Carazy, well said, simple as that. You'd swear people had a vested interest in Sony or MS... Considering all the leaks before E3, you'd have thought there was nothing else left.... But they both had something.... For Sony, Horizon looks amazing.... Uncharted, we know already..... FF remake, sorry, but that does not appeal to me after all these years.....but I understand the craze for it..... Last Guardian.... Finally... MS.... Glad they had new IP, Rerore, looks interesting, Rare game reminds me of that Toby Gard game on original xbox.... Regardless though, Fallout 4 made me happy.... That was enough for me.... E3 was fantastic this year, no matter what stripes you have..... If people find negatives, on MS, Sony, or anyone else.... Get a fckn life......

VforVideogames1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Same from Sony like last year, Sony is showing games that are coming out in 6-12 years (cough cough last guardian) and Microsoft show games that we already know they were coming this year. And the winner is.......... Sony!!!!! for giving us exactly what we wanted this year , last year and years to come.......... remakes !!!!!! (in a month they are going to give us a remake of blodborne as the 6 month anniversary)

Army_of_Darkness1218d ago

Its funny how you complain about Sony making all these "remakes" of older games, yet you're excited for the xbone's backwards compatibility that allows you too,

n4rc1218d ago

Nobody is complaining about remakes..

But those of you touting them as some reason Sony wins are asking for the responses you get.

Crazay1218d ago

@Army - I never complained about remasters but in truth, they have their purpose and I understand that but, having said that if I had the option - I sure as shit won't be paying for it again if I can relive those moments via BC.

super_bruno1218d ago


The difference is, remakes will cost you more money while with BC is free you can play the game you own instead of paying $40-$60 for the same game.

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Jaqen_Hghar1218d ago

MS? Just no.

Bethesda a man could see with Fallout and Doom but Sony dropped 3 miracles that had people crying and giving deafening cheers and added on some awesome looking new IP and demos for announced games.

Dinkis1218d ago

Ture man but this is Ng4 Bruh! Horizon was great coming 2016?
FF7 I can't wait wait! And shenmue 3 omg but then again none of those are guaranteed exclusive. Honesly I'd rather have a WiiU than a Ps4 so I can play uncharted waters 1 and II. Just me :-)

trywizardo1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

the games that I liked on X1 and PS4
X1 : Halo 5 , Gears Ultimate , Gears 4 , ReCore , sea of thieves and Archen (Even though the last two are probably indies , but they look interesting (specially Archen)
PS4 : last guardian , Uncharted 4 , SF V , Nier , Horizon and shenmue (even though it might come to X1 later)
FF7 is coming to X1
X1 : Hololens and VR and BC
Sony : VR

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DarkOcelet1218d ago

As long as both Xone and PS4 gamers get to have many games and content then everyone will win ladies and gentlemen.

LOGICWINS1218d ago

This. I thought both shows were amazing. It's really subjective. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want the Gears Collection on the PS4, but the Shenmue 3 announcement was the biggest nuke of E3 IMO.

I think people on both camps are making too big of a deal of the FF7 remake and Rise of the Tomb Raider. We KNOW these are temporary exclusives and will eventually come to the opposing platform.

As far as The Last Guardian, I didn't give a shit when it was announced...and I don't give a shit now. Looks really boring. I think Sony delayed it for so long on purpose to give it artificial hype value. People seem more excited about the fact that it exists than about the game itself.

Finally, backwards compatibility on the Xbox One isn't a big deal IMO. What DOES make it a big deal is that Sony is charging for the SAME privilege.

Both conferences exposed holes in opposing camps: Sony charging for BC when MS is allowing it for free and MS' BLATANT lack of single player focused exclusives.

BOTH Sony and MS still have room for improvement, but objectively speaking, Sony's making these improvements quicker than Microsoft. MS spent over a year just trying to get into the race after a horrendous start.

Hoffmann1218d ago

"Reasons Why Sony Won E3 2015"

Because both Nintendo and Microsoft gave me no real reasons to buy one of their systems. And with Killer Instinct coming to PC now and I wanted to buy a new one anyway in the next months there is absolutely no game left on the Xbox I care about. (I play mostly fighting games)

DragonDDark1218d ago

Agreed. I don't know why you're getting dislikes...
Truth hurts I guess.

Pogmathoin1218d ago

Stupid..... Just stupid.... Tell the reasons why people should not buy an Xbox or Nintendo, without soiling...... Is Halo, Gears, Forza, Mario, Metroid or others on PS?

HawaiianDreads1218d ago

Probably not but going by his comment he really doesn't care for those games. Also notice he mention that "he" had no real reason to get the system. Not anyone else, so to him Sony won E3, just like how many others think MS one E3. People are going to have different opinions on things like this.

nix1218d ago


500 years from now, who'll know the difference?

REDDURT1218d ago

Give that man a bubble

skydragoonity1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Last guardian and horizon... Those 2 alone stole the show. #Ps4TheGamers

NeoGamer2321218d ago

Horizon was amazing. Last Guardian looked like an Indie puzzle solving game with really good graphics.

Most games delayed for 5 years or more tend to be sub-average.

chrisx1218d ago

Sony really impressed. I know xbox one gamers who can't wait to get a Ps4 for U4..Ps4 domination

Pogmathoin1218d ago

So, are you sayng Xbox gamers are about the games? Not systems? There maybe sales domination right now, but regardless, there will always be games on another system that are a must have.... Either enjoy those games, or lose out on what gaming is all about..... I used to live ZX48k, but had to have C64 for the games I could not get elsewhere.... Same today...... Its life.... Be a gamer, or sad.....your choice......