We Are Entering A New Golden Age Of Gaming, Get Ready For An Amazing Ride

Sit back grab your controller to the console of choice and enjoy for we are living in the new Golden Age of video games. As E3 2015 has shown, the number of new titles announced in addition to the innovations that big name consoles are making set us, the fans, in the ideal time for video games. With numerous titles set to be released all throughout the rest of 2015 and in 2016, fans of every console, whether they are a Xbox One, PS4, or even Ninetendo 3ds fan, you can expect to be busy playing your favorite titles and the new favorites recently announced.

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thorstein1215d ago

Absolutely. I have been feeling this way all generation so far. The games are just tremendous. Sure, there have been the occasional "controversial" (read: I need hits on my site) games but since this generation began there hasn't been a day I haven't been gaming.

Even the Wii U has had its moments. And, what I love about this gen is that it isn't just one genre that takes all the hype, it is many, many genres. This gen, there is something for everyone.