Activision's Hirshberg On Call Of Duty Remasters, The New Sony Relationship, And MLG

The remaster phenomenon that began last generation has been a crucial strategy for platform holders and publishers on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A few companies haven't yet dipped a toe in those waters, among them Activision.

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Rookie_Monster1243d ago

Forget remake. It is coming to XB1 soon via BC so there you go.

TwoForce1243d ago

How ? The Reason Call of Duty gone down hill because they gone too far with too much future. Many of COD hardcore fans want to see the remake of COD 4.

Software_Lover1243d ago

How? Uh you can just pop in COD 4 (xbox 360) into your Xbox One and play it there, with all the features of the Xbox One. That is, of course, if Activision allows it on the list.

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Skate-AK1243d ago

Who cares. You think there would be 10's of thousands of people like there would a re-master? The player base is so dead it won't even be worth it. On top if that, COD4 is full of hackers. In a re-master, they could fix those exploits and make the game more enjoyable.

I-Hate-usernames1243d ago

Actually no. It wont happen. I don't think activision will allow it. You know if company don't want their ips to have BC it wont happen.

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