5 Video Game Series That Need To Be Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

At Microsoft’s E3 event on Monday, Phil Spencer announced that Xbox One will be backwards compatible which shocked everyone as this was an extremely unexpected announcement. The first batch of compatible games were announced, and included games like Mass Effect. A few days later another batch of games were confirmed for a future update, but it got ThisGenGaming thinking… What series really need to made backwards compatible.

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PistolsAtDawn1242d ago

There's a ton I'd like to see. Too Human, Skyrim, Red Dead, Fallout 3/new Vegas are some of my the Treyarch COD's

Magicite1241d ago

That BC thing is flawed, You can check digital foundry analysis of Mass Effect running on X1, its nearly unplayable at times. They just announced it to drop bomb, but bomb was a fluke.

PistolsAtDawn1241d ago it again. You're trying WAYYYYYY to hard to troll. Not to's in preview right now...not full release.

DonkeyDoner1241d ago

all of them are better played in PC also if BC run like 360 meh i guess..
here what you should put
-Lost odyssey
-Tales of vesperia
-crackdown 1&2
i guess thats it because i dunno much about 360 exclusive

poppinslops1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Alan Wake, the Witcher 2, XCom, Bioshock Infinite, the Arkham games, the Assassin's Creeds... Definitely Red Dead Redemption.


christocolus1241d ago

I totally agree with this list but i'll add Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey..

poppinslops1241d ago

I still haven't played Lost Odyssey, but people still rave about it, so perhaps I should... it's the game based off a Chinese legend, right?

Do you know who developed it?

christocolus1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


Both games are RPGs developed by Mystwalker. Blue Dragon was made in collaboration with Artoon and Lost Odyssey was co-developed with Feelplus (All Japanese studios). Hironobu Sakaguchi created both games he also created the Final Fantasy series.

poppinslops1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Okay... I guess it's time to start rummaging through the bargain bins.

It's a good thing I kept all of my 360 games, otherwise this BC announcement would've had me freaking out trying to rebuy them... that said, I've still got an oversized list of unplayed classics to track down.

deadpoolio3161241d ago

You'll never see the Arkham games...Not with the Arkham collection coming out at the end of this year...ANY game getting remastered will not appear on any BC list period, no intelligent 3rd party would allow it and lose potential sales of their collections/remasters

poppinslops1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Thing is, I have no interest in a remastered Batman - I'm not buying it (or any game) again... I imagine most people feel this way, so I don't see how a publisher would lose out.

Are there any stats on who's buying remasters?
I reckon the majority of remaster sales can be attributed to new players... and since everyone already played the Arkhams, I don't see their collection doing well.

Does it include 'Origins'?

andresegr1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

LOL @ the people hyped about this feature! Xbox 360 games run like shit on the Xbox One.

wakeNbake1241d ago

No they dont in fact most run better that theyve shown. You dont seem excited about it and clearly dont own an Xbox so gtfoh insecure sony troll.

andresegr1241d ago Show
iistuii1241d ago

Is this digital foundry, as they actually say it's a technological miracle & that there's plenty of time before they roll out the full update to get it right.

Bigpappy1241d ago

Lol. You are mad and sad. That video actually shows that it runs very well on X1 already, while still in beta. Sometimes the fps is a bit below 360, but remains very playable while showing better sharpness and lighting.

Still a megaton. Do you have any more videos? I really enjoyed that one, got me hyped for more BC games.

SonofGod1241d ago

It's still in early beta testing for preview members are you high?

jokerisalive1241d ago

Get lost and troll somewhere else please. I wish my PS4 had BC like my XB1 does so I wouldnt have to worry about PSNOW or remasters.

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MeatBallz1241d ago

MW2!!!! And I am a preview member and the games do not run like crap, they run excellent and no problems for me yet!

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