Media Molecule Suggests Dreams is a Morpheus Title

VRFocus - One of the many new titles revealed at Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE'S) pre-E3 press conference this week was Dreams, the long-awaited experience from Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet developer, Media Molecule. This unique experience will allow players to bring their own creations to life using the PlayStation 4. Some fans have speculated that, although it wasn't mentioned at the conference, the title might support the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). Now Media Molecule itself has dropped a strong hint that this is the case.

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Abash1221d ago

I have no doubt it will have Morpheus support

Relientk771221d ago

Yeah, its been a rumor for awhile

iamnsuperman1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Which, for me, is a shame. I like how Media Molecule kind of go wild with creativity but I also liked how LBP and Tearaway was so accessible. Being Morpheus only will be good creatively but it limits the user base.

Abash1221d ago

Nothing has been said about it being a Morpheus exclusive, just that it has Morpheus support

Debaitable1221d ago

Those were platformers. This is a different kind of creativity beast which imo, will be better diving into with morpheus.

callahan091221d ago

It won't be Morpheus exclusive. There's no reason a game can't be Morpheus-supported while also working without it. I expect many games to go that path.

amiga-man1220d ago

They were demoing the game without using Morpheus, Morpheus is supported not needed.

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starchild1221d ago

That's awesome. I would love to experience such a game in VR. Dreams was one of the most interesting games for me at Sony's conference.

Toiletsteak1221d ago

This actually looked bad.

Spotie1221d ago

Don't worry. Since you don't have a PS4, you don't even have the option to play it. So no matter how bad you pretend it looked, it's not a game you have to deal with in any way.

On topic, this game looks like it'd be perfect for Morpheus.

Toiletsteak1221d ago

I actually only have a PS4 but nice try, just because i didn't like the look of a game doesn't mean i don't own that console.

WeAreLegion1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

No. It looked like something people with imagination would love.

Rimeskeem1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

That's what people said about LBP

Dreams is literally taking LBP to the next level

SmokingMonkey1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

LoL he can't even comprehend Dreams..LOL

Let me help you....You know Mario Maker,

Well Someone could make that Mario Maker game in LBP.

EDIT: Hell I could make on LBP VITA!

Dreams is LBP in God mode...and now possibly in VR!

A wise man can learn more from a stupid question, than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

GribbleGrunger1221d ago

'A wise man can learn more from a stupid question, than a fool can learn from a wise answer.'

That is so frigin' spot on. Who said it?

RocketScienceLvlStuf1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Who knows what you have looking at your comments.

Your early comments say you have a PS4 and nothing else. Then your later comments say you only have an xbox one.

Your most recent comments say you have a PS4 yet you are picking up an xbone later in the year.

You are yet another stealth troll who pretends to own a PS4 in order to try and protect your bubbles. So sad.

You aren't fooling anyone.

tekksin1221d ago

Based on your comment history, it seems as though you are just a critical person, and critical people get dislikes around here. That's just the way it goes. You compliment and defend every console, and sometimes that's just not what's wanted in the comments.

If you think it looked bad, that's your opinion, and people should accept it as a part of a community's overall opinion. They shouldn't ostracize, demonize, or antagonize you for it. But we're gamers. We pretend to be mature adults when we're all really no better than the 13 year olds we make fun of for screaming crap over XBL.

Just keep being honest with yourself and others. It's a lot more important than how many bubbles you can get on n4g.

dafegamer1221d ago

you havent even seen gameplay yet, how does it look bad?

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ps4fanboy1221d ago

Now my mind will be more blown , wow wow wow , want it now Lol.

aerisbueller1221d ago

Holy crap, I love it. This interests me way more than anything I've heard of coming to Morpheus yet.

Media Molecule are the gods of creative play. The first LBP's release was when I knew it was time to buy a PS3. This E3 confirmed I will eventually get a PS4.

I hope Dreams allows you to create gameplay. If the gameplay creation features are anywhere near as powerful and robust as LBP3, or as powerful as the visual creation features looked in the Dreams demo, then there will no doubt be games made in Dreams that rival actual full titles.

Media Molecule and Naughty Gods (nothing to do with this, but seriously they rock) are so damn awesome it gets me giddy every time they show anything off.

nevin11221d ago

I didn't like the presentation. Maybe hands on will give a better view.

tekksin1221d ago

what a rational comment, which unsurprisingly found dislikes. All I can say is that it looks interesting. But saying it's going to be great is like saying a flavor of ice cream you never had is delicious. It's something completely new, and the only people making it out to be this untouchable piece of mastery that cannot be criticized are fanboys (for MM or Sony).

I bought LBP along with everybody else, and of my friends I was the best at it. The controls were very different for a platformer, but I took to them almost immediately. I know this team is very capable, but since they didn't do a good job explaining their art (dreams), and because I have no point of reference with my experience in other games akin to it, I can't defend it when a comment comes opposing its superiority in the gaming realm.

We have no grounds to say if this will or will not be a great experience. We can only share an opinion on how it looks--and it if it looks great to you: GREAT. The industry needs unique experiences like this. If it looks bad to you, let the world know. You have as much say in this as anybody else, and the only people trying to ostracize you for it are the ones who care more about the firepower in a company's lineup--not the ones who care about honest opinions and realistic observations.

Welcome to the comments.

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