E3 2015: Rise of the Tomb Raider is Looking to Break Unprecedented Ground | Hardcore Gamer

The claims coming out of Crystal Dynamics regarding its upcoming blockbuster Rise of the Tomb Raider are starting to cause a fair amount of hype.

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NeonEnigma1218d ago

Do we know how long this will be exclusive to XBOX?

Hoffmann1218d ago

I bet only 3-6 Months since they mentioned it so often that it would be exclusive for the Xbone in 2015.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Doesn't look like unprecedented ground.

Looks like they are trying to break Uncharted ground.

All the stuff I saw in the demo Naughty dog did back in 2009. The snow tech they created was even better back then. It was knee deep and the snow would bunch up all around drake.

Running along a surface that is collapsing naughty dog also did back then. 6 years ago.

starchild1218d ago

I'm a huge Uncharted fan, but the truth is Uncharted borrowed a lot of its mechanics from other games. All games do. Uncharted brought together those mechanics in a very high quality package, but it wasn't the originator of most of those mechanics.

It's clear that games borrow from each other. This is part of the evolution of games. Uncharted borrowed from the Tomb Raider games before it, then Tomb Raider 2013 borrowed from Uncharted, and Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4 both show signs of continuing mutual influence.

Personally I love both series. Other than RPGs, my other love are action games with character driven narratives and archaeological Indiana Jones-esque themes...forgotten cities, lost cultures, treasures, foreign languages, adventure, ancient puzzles and traps, etc. I love this kind of stuff.

Kiwi661218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

What does nd or uncharted have to do with it

SonofGod1218d ago

"Running along a surface that is collapsing naughty dog also did back then. 6 years ago."

LOL what action game doesn't have running sequences with collapsing ground. Like every COD probably. Even before Uncharted games came out.

JasonKCK1218d ago

"Running along a surface that is collapsing naughty dog also did back then"

Game designers have been doing that since the beginning of gaming. You know... like Prince of Persia?

christocolus1218d ago


Lmao. Pls jst stop. Go comment on something that actually interests you. Maybe UC4?

fei-hung1217d ago

I'm not fussed about the reboot playing and trying to be more like uncharted, but I've never got much into the story in the reboot for one main reason that still seems to be an issue with the sequel - the bollywood Lara Croft experience.

Uncharted had these set pieces ranging from small to massive where something would happen and Drake would be running for his life, but the pacing of these moments, the dialogue to accompany these moments and the frequency was just right. TR reboot took this to a new level which broke the immersion of the game as it became comical for me.

It feels like Lara is cursed and every step she takes sets of a scripted sequence where she almost dies followed by Bollywood style dramatising the situation.

When the demo stated at E3, I made a joke about how many near death experiences Lara will have in the demo - she had about a dozen in a 2 min demo!

As good and fun as TR is, this is one of the reasons why it will never be better than the uncharted series unless the theme is Bollywood 101.

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Gwynbleidd1218d ago

I think it is a sales numbers dependent deal. The higher the sales on X1 the longer the exclusivity. I think something between 6-12 months.

But that's only me guessing.

chrisx1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Will probably come to Ps4 around early 2016. I'll be waiting

SonofGod1217d ago

Wouldn't count on it.

It took almost a year for Dead Rising 3 and Ryse to come out on PC. It will most likely be the same with Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider might not even come out for PS4.

StrayaKNT1218d ago

Day one can't wait :) xbox owners have so many games go look forward to this year

OUROSMAG1218d ago

Everyone does, it's a hell of a time to be a gamer.

SpaceRanger1218d ago

Best comment I've read in a while!

Correction *" many games to look forward to this HOLIDAY."* according to facts stated very often by you constantly and also by Aaron Greenberg in a recent interview.

Kingdomcome2471218d ago

@Spaceranger- They also have Quantum Break, Crackdown, Scalebound, Recore, Ion, Sea of Thieves, Gears 4, and possibly whatever new IP announces at Gamescom that Phil alluded to set to release next year. Three of those are confirmed for a Spring release too, so it appears as though they are looking to do a better job of spreading their releases out as well.

hamburgerhill1218d ago

And day one for me on Xone. Should be I've heck of an experience and great for us all.

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skydragoonity1218d ago

The tomb raider remake was so boring.. Finished it for finishing sake. Anwyays I'll play rise of the tomb raider on my ps4 whenever it comes out

Gamer7771218d ago

Is this profile and 'Chrisx' the same person?

Ceaser98573611218d ago

Totally loved it.. Probably one of the reason (gears being another) I would get myself the Xbox1 as I don't know when it would come on the PS4, Though I love my PS4 more I wanna enjoy all the games. Simply hate the fanbosim...
Don't you guys think ROTR is at a huge risk because its Release window is at a crucial time. 2 weeks after Halo 5, 4 days after BO3, same day as Fallout 4 and 7 days before Battlefront. They may push back the release date.. What do you guys think?

hamburgerhill1218d ago

Well regardless I do hope it does well. MS is really going to advertise the heck out of it so time will tell. One thing I will say is that ROTR with out a doubt is shaping up nicely! I simply have to have it!

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