E3 2015: The Division Might Have the Coolest Multiplayer Mode Ever

The Dark Zone could make The Division the most seamless multiplayer experience the industry has ever seen.

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JWiLL5521216d ago

It sounds amazing but it's extremely hard not to be skeptical with an Ubisoft title.

I have zero expectations for this game to have a smooth launch. This is some pretty ambitious stuff.

supersonicjerry1216d ago

I played it at e3 it was amzing but that was lan so it went smoothly. I can only imagine how bad it will run on launch for online.

Septic1216d ago

"Not only will this version of New York City exist as its own separate universe, but the fact that players won’t have to leave the game itself to play multiplayer "

This is what I imagined it to be when first announced and what really needs to happen as opposed to being a separate playlist. Pvp and pve should meld together seamlessly. That way, the world is truly brutal.

ChronoJoe1216d ago

I'm not sure it creates the 'brutal world' you're talking about, since you can just avoid the dark zones. All of the story and co-operative content is PVP restricted.

So if anything, it's a very safe rather than brutal environment, for those that don't want pvp. I think the seemless integration just helps with immersion.

bananaboats1216d ago

just remember that all the best gear is found within the dark zone so yes you can play this game and never enter it but you will never acquire that top tier weapon.

bmwfanatic1216d ago

The kill your teammates and take their loot is gonna cause so much griefing. Better not play with randoms lol.

Roccetarius1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Who says your friends don't give in to greed, at least once..or a few times? I'm just saying. It's a wild, wild world out there.

ChronoJoe1216d ago

I would never play with them again if they did. Only so long before you end up with no friends.

It might be a way of helping people with bad gear boost though. Like, if you want to get a friend who's new to the game loads of good gear quickly, let him run some hard missions with you and other friends then let him kill you all and take all the loot at the end. I wouldn't be surprised if people use it as an informal trading system if the game doesn't already have such a thing natively.

'I don't need any of this gear, you want it? Feel free to kill me at the end'

Stringerbell1216d ago

I'm hyped for this. The map fully encompasses my neighborhood. If its accurate, I'm going to have a field day.

Ozmoses1216d ago

I've had this on my radar for awhile now.. I'm also interested in R6: Siege but because of the mass quanity of games slated this fall I will probably pass on R6.. Also Ubisoft hasn't really detailed anything other than the 5 on 5 Multiplayer for Siege so I'm waiting to see something about singleplayer and more details in general.

The new Ghost Recon also looks very cool. and some of those environments had me remembering GRAW and GRAW 2... I can't wait to see more details on that one.

But yeah The Division looks like it is going to try something super big and seamless.. I hope it works and it isn't a dud.. I have faith.. Definitely going to put a few bucks down on a the pre-order to get the Beta access.

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