Vote for the Hitman Collector’s Edition contents

Square Enix has opened a survey to see what items fans want to see in the future Hitman Collector's Edition. The survey contains eight items, and voting will remain open for one week.

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crazychris41241403d ago

Went with Ducky Bomb, Tie and statue of 47 sitting in chair with pistol

xHeavYx1403d ago

"Duck does not explode"
Lol, you don't say.

Agent_00_Revan1403d ago

Just like the toy Assassin's Creed blade, there are talented people out there who mod real life's inevitable.

-Foxtrot1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

The Briefcase
The Duck
The Tie


Sick of Statues and artbooks

Although where is the Steelbook?

criticalkare1403d ago

I thought this Hitman game is digital only?

ironfist921403d ago

They'll eventually release a disc version once all the content has been released, essentially a GOTY edition.

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