Microsoft confirms that a Kinect sensor is required to speak to Cortana on Xbox One

At E3 2015, one of Microsoft’s biggest announcements was the arrival of Cortana on the Xbox One. The software giant took the wraps of a new Xbox One Dashboard that was designed with intuitive navigation and speed in mind and the inclusion of Cortana plays a large part of that.

However, Microsoft didn’t confirm if speaking to Cortana required the Kinect sensor to operate or whether a headset microphone would suffice.

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Philaroni1400d ago

Not sure why we can't just use our headset. Kind of a sad misstep. I would guess this will change some time after the update is released.

iamnsuperman1400d ago

It does but the Kinect needs a selling point. Making Cortana work through mics would remove that. Also mic quality may vary and I think Microsoft would rather have a good PR with Cortana than give more people the ability to use it

xHeavYx1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I doubt that people will get Kinect just to talk to Cortana (which btw,sounds a little weird)

700p1400d ago

tbh that's a smart business move, I can see a lot of people getting connect for that reason.

CannonB81400d ago

But if Cortana works through smartphone mics, I don't think that would be an issue.
I think you're right about the selling point, though.
Although I don't think Cortana alone would be a Kinect seller, especially when the Xbox One already offers voice functionality.

Irishguy951400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Haha, I was actually going to buy an Xbox after than E3. Thanks for reminding me why I chose not to MS. xD

Their consumer practice is atrocious

To those asking "Why not just the headset"

Emm...."Microsoft" "money". Same reason Kinect was originally bundled in with X1.

Edit - I don't care about cortana! I care about MS locking off game content for their ****ing kinect again. A mic will suffice for chatting with anything. But MS ses no, you need kinect to play Halo 5 with ALL of its features. **** off. Can't believe anyone will defend that decision.

Raider691400d ago

Your comment just shows the troll you are!Its a business decision,and theres nothing wrong with it,you dont need Kinect neither Cortana to play games on the Xboxone,dont tell me that what makes you want an Xbox one is Cortana?Are you going to jack`it looking at her!?Crying babys want everything for free.

Lennoxb631400d ago

"Emm...."Microsoft&q uot; "money". Same reason Kinect was originally bundled in with X1."

Of course its "money." What you think Sony or Nintendo makes games just to see the smiles on your faces?

Dewitt1400d ago

Nobody believes you were going to buy an Xbox, they said at launch but are exploring other methods.

christocolus1400d ago


Lol..Dude really? you were never going to get an Xbox One.just stop.smh

Immorals1400d ago

Err.. Cortana is the voice operated part of the UI. Unless there's a kinect only part where your shouting 'Cortana, where are you?' there's nothing locked off for kinect.

Troll smart or don't Troll.

4Sh0w1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

"Haha, I was actually going to buy an Xbox after than E3."

-LOl really, a well known fanboy were going to get an X1 after E3 and all it took was you to find out that a NEW side option to navigate the UI= Cortana requires Kinect and BAM!, you changed your mind...pfft even for a fanboy that comment is so ridiculously unbelievable.

OT I like the additional functionality Cortana brings, glad I owned Kinect since launch.

BeefCurtains1400d ago

Blocking off content? You fool. You get the features for what you pay for. Are you upset that your PS4 only comes with one controller, thus blocking off 2 player content?

Are you mad when you buy a Impreza and it doesn't come with the WRX motor? Are you upset when you buy a hamburger and it doesn't automatically come as a combo?

Yeah, when you want the best options they aren't included for free ya dink. And there's millions of people that have Kinect, so it's nice to get some sweet exclusive content for it (finally)... As it should be. Hopefully Cortana is really cool so some people can stop feeling ripped off for buying the bundle day one.

headblackman1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


you clearly saw that this was an artical on xbox/kinect/cortana but you came here to troll. why no one hasn't blocked, bubbled down, or restricted you for a few days is beyond my understanding. it's like people like you are allowed to troll in xbox articles, but the same isn't allowed in playstion articles. how is your opinion better than the voices and opinions of an xbox fan? all xbox fans should click that report tab and hit the offinsive option on you for the trolling. keep it positive in xbox articles or keep it moving.

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I disagree, having to put my headset on just to ask a question... I would rather use Google on my phone.

I have Kinect, so I think just saying "Cortana" (or whatever you say?) is much easier imo.

ABizzel11400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

That's silly, I play with my headset on the entire time and it would be much more convenient for me personally. I also have a good headset with a clear mic so again why not let the mic that every XBO comes with or other devices use it.

And the new controller comes with a standard head phone jack potentially making most headphones work with XBO now, so why not update this archaic system especially for those who don't have, don't want, and never will buy a Kinect.

Shouldn't be a deal breaker for anyone who doesn't already have Kinect, but it's annoying nonetheless. 1 step forward 1 step back (or in this case 1 step forward, half a step back).

Plus Cortana works on other MS devices so again what's the point.

BeefCurtains1400d ago

What's the step back? Sounds like a step forward and some people that don't have the Kinect don't get anything. That's not a step back, it's a well deserved step forward for those of us with a Kinect that haven't gotten any specific update to this day.

I appreciate microsoft FINALLY doing something (even if it's a very small thing) for making this $100 brick on my TV a little more fun with some exclusive content. It seems to me that MS should throw a few bones that way, because when they announced Kinect was no longer completely necessary it was a slap in the face for a lot of people. But MS sending the Kinect users some cool content isn't a slap to those that don't own it, because they can buy one and join the club. But I couldn't go to MS and get refunded for my Kinect when they unbundled it...

Sonital1400d ago

Because if people don't have a Kinect now to use the existing voice commands why would they suddenly buy one for Cortana?

NeoGamer2321400d ago

The microphone on a regular headset is brutal for the quality of sound it can receive. The reason Kinect is required is that it is a very high quality microphone.

I was asked by a guy about this last gen... He told me Kinect wasn't required because one game supported microphone commands. He bought the game and sent me a nice apology afterwards saying that the microphone was crap and he now knew why Kinect was required for voice commands.

reallyNow1400d ago

That's a load. Windows 10 has Cortana and it works fine without a kinect. Dude, a 70$ Nokia runs Cortana flawlessly in a crowded room. My ps4 does voice commands with every mic I've used, including the one that came with the system. There's no need to pretend. MS is making voice commands a Kinect thing for the sole purpose to have a reason to sell units of that money pit to the public. Kinect is neat tech, but it's dead. The sooner you abandon it, the sooner your xb1 will have voice commands without it.

rainslacker1400d ago

Yeah...because sound travelling across a room with ambient sound from the game your playing is much better than sound that gets picked up less than an inch or two from it's source.

This is why speaker phones are so much better than headsets, or the actual phones themselves.

Bathyj1400d ago

The reason is Microsoft just sold 3 million Kinects. Most of them standalone too.

Lon3wolf1400d ago

One of the things that annoys me about my One need Kinect to control the console, my PS4 any headset can do it. Really not interested in Kinect that's why I bought a Kinectless One.

Debaitable1400d ago

It's just a Kinect timed exclusive

nix1400d ago

Hahaha.. Tickled my funny bone.

SilentNegotiator1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Microsoft PR: "Because the Xbox isn't powerful enough to handle it alo-
Oh right, that's not even close to being a believable excuse anymore...

Erm, because Kinect is magic."

RiseofScorpio1400d ago

Corny as hell but it came from you so no surprise.

SilentNegotiator1400d ago

Waluigi IS underrated, I tell you what.

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DragonDDark1400d ago

Yup, they did this again. Shouldn't they know by now that not many people want that damn kinect?!


If you don't want it, you don't have to buy it or use its functions. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!! You cannot have everything your way, no need to whine about it.

MasterCornholio1400d ago

The problem here is that voice commands can be done without Kinect. There are plenty of mics that are compatible with the Xbox One.

Snookies121400d ago

That's kind of lame... Should work with any mic. It's quite obvious they're doing this to sell more Kinects, which is a good strategy from a business standpoint. Though it's still a let down to those that don't have any other use for Kinect.

SmokingMonkey1400d ago

But not the mic hooked up to you controller? Even the $150 one?

I never got this from Kinect and Kinect 2.

Example, In Dead Rising 3, if you made noise in the real world the zombies would hear you.


In Yelling FUS DO RAH into Kinect is possible but not yelling it into a mic connected to your controller?

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