Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 2015 Preview | Twinfinite

On Monday, PlayStation unveiled Horizon: Zero Dawn, the upcoming exclusive from first-party studio Guerrilla Games. Provided was a glimpse of a bleak future. One in which mechanical behemoths roam the lands and the human race has been reduced to a relatively primitive state. Not much else was revealed aside from the fact it will be coming next year. Luckily, Twinfinite got the chance to sit in on a hands-off demo where we were treated to some gameplay and a bit more information on this already highly-anticipated title.

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Forn1220d ago

Goodness this game just blew away, even though we haven't seen a ton of footage yet I just know it'll be incredible.

CP_Company1220d ago

they working with game over 4years,they better nailed it :)

chrisx1220d ago

I wonder if one can hack that robo eagle and fly around the skies..this game is drop dead gorgeous

jokerisalive1220d ago

this game is gorgeous and imaginative and original in every conceivable way. Congrats Sony and Guerilla for having the guts and determination to break free from an annual KZ fest and create a new amazing looking IP.

nucky641220d ago

agreed - now if only turn 10 could be convinced to doing something besides "rinse and repeat" forza.

allastocata1220d ago

Yes, we should definitely take a dedicated and passionate studio that loves to make, and play racing games and have them make something else. Polyphony should stop making GT games as well, I mean that's all they make. What's up with that?

NeonEnigma1220d ago

I went crazy when she started immobilizing the mechasarus with the cable launcher... it reminded me of Star Wars when they hogtie the AT-AT Walker + Gulliver's Travels. Hopefully we can use those cables in a multitude of ways, like a trip wire trap, or maybe environment traversal

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