Microsoft reacts to Sony becoming the 'home' of Call of Duty

"Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 is the "new home for Call of Duty" E3 this year, and during a video interview we asked Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg to react to the news."

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DarkOcelet1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Seriously, who gives a $hit? Games like Shenmue 3/Horizon/Uncharted 4/FFVII Remake/The Last Guardian/Halo V/Battlefront/Quantum Break/Rise Of The Tomb Raider/Deus Ex Mankind Divided/FFXV/KH3 etc etc etc are coming and people give a crap about COD?

Its time for great games again, not the same rehashed crap.

Abash1270d ago

I'm guessing the more mainstream consumers who primarily play Call of Duty and little else

Nirvana315911270d ago

Microsoft should get used to it. Even Square announced 3 PS4 exclusive at their conference. It's clear developers are shifting focus to PS4 because it's the dominant and more powerful console

Cindy-rella1270d ago

"Its time for great games again, not the same rehash crap."

Tell that to Microsoft who'll be releasing halo, gears, forza and fable within the same time frame like theyve been doing for years.

Call of duty matters to a lot of people judging by the sales.

b163o11270d ago

I really wished Sony would have locked down a deal with Battlefield over CoD, better game all around, and people are starting to notice. If Sony would have announced that BadCompany3 was going to have exclusive DLC or what have you to the PS4, it would have been the cherry on top of everything

Crimzon1270d ago

It's hard to criticize COD for being the same rehashed crap when out of the games you mentioned:

-The 3rd Shenmue game
-The 5th Uncharted game
-A remake of FF7 (FF has been milked just as much, if not more than COD)
-The 10th Halo game (maybe more?!)
-The 10th Tomb Raider game (making a rough estimate here)
-The 5th Deus Ex game
-The 15th Final Fantasy game (although there's way more than that)

I don't think Black Ops 3 looks very good but it's pretty silly to complain about COD being rehashed after you've listed a bunch of IPs that have been milked just as much, if not moreso than Call of Duty.

aceitman1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

did anyone take notice that aaron corrected himself when he mention tb is exclusive to xbox and shortly says this holiday. cod on ps4 has picked up preorder sales on amazon while ps4 was behind x1 on the top 100 by 20 spots it is now ahead of x1 so 1st maps dlc exclusive has made a difference .

Army_of_Darkness1270d ago

activision is like the Hot slutty cheerleader that always goes for the most popular jock in school lol!

DarkOcelet1270d ago


There is a difference between a rehash and milking a franchise btw.

And i am talking about the gameplay and graphics, most games i mentioned have either changes in their graphics or gameplay.

Is it really hard for COD to do something different other than the same gameplay and very little difference in graphics every year?

Baka-akaB1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"It's hard to criticize COD for being the same rehashed crap when out of the games you mentioned"

Most of your examples really fall flat
It's not hard when the 3rd shenmue will come over 15 years after the second game ...

When the five deus ex happens over the span of 16 years

When Final Fantasy exists since 87 , so 28 years , and never was on a yearly release schedule . And when there arent two similar entries in term of story , design and gameplay , unless they are remakes .

And you forgot how we are up to 22 Call of Duty games since 2003 . With 8 of them yearly releases since 2007 with Modern Warfare ...

There is nothing more regularly milked , besides sports games . And i've seen people argue that some sports franchises brought more changes , at least graphically , than CoD , and i'm not sure they'd be wrong .

At the accelerated pace it's going , Cod is leaving and will leave everything else in the dust , besides sports , when it comes to the amount of game entries

Crimzon1270d ago

That's the thing though, Call of Duty has done a lot to mix up the gameplay and offer something new with each title. It feels like you guys are more eager to hate on it because it's such a popular game than acknowledge that the developers of each game really do mix it up. I mean honestly? I've seen more changes over time in the COD franchise than I have with Uncharted or Halo. Does that make COD the better series? Of course not, but I don't think your criticisms of it being rehashed are very accurate.

NCAzrael1270d ago

@Crimzon's first comment:

Yes, there are a lot of sequels coming out, but CoD is a yearly franchise that barely changes. Most of the games he mentioned get a break in between releases. Game developers are always going to fall back on established properties, but there is a difference between releasing a new game in your franchise once every 3-4 years, and releasing a game every year.

That said, I'm a bit of a hypocrite seeing how I'm extremely excited for this year's Need For Speed.

jmc88881270d ago

I don't know why people keep mistaking sequels with yearly titles.

CoD, which I like, but not nearly as much as say six or seven years ago, is a case of yearly titles that wear thin. That said they still sell a ton.

But sequels in general aren't bad, if they are spaced out evolve.

I don't know why people bring up titels like Shenmue because it's the 3rd one. The first one was 1999 and the third one is being kickstarted.

Tomb Raider? Because does tomb raider look or play anything like those original ones in the 90's?

Meanwhile there are new IP's and indies. I don't care if there are sequels.

Sequels aren't the problem. Making the same game every year is where one is created.

Final Fantasy has been a franchise that has probably seen the most change of any. It's also been around about 30 years and many of the titles either didn't come to America, or were on select systems that not everyone bought. Hell one of them was a MMO for crying out loud. A remake of a game that came out...what 1997 or so...and it's more like a reboot then a remake.

Seriously, I understand why people are tired of yearly titles, but you don't do your point any service when you get intellectually lazy and add on sequels into the mix. Completely different.

Plus there are more new IP's now then ever before, because there are indie games. I bet if someone cared to look, there are probably more new IP's in the last three years then the previous 10 before that combined.

Spotie1270d ago

People MUST have been confused when they agreed with Crimzon's first comment, as it makes NO sense.

He just listed a bunch of games that are sequels, and didn't at all think of how long each of the franchises have been around, or how many games there have been in each compared to Call of Duty.

Is it okay to call that desperation?

Jaqen_Hghar1270d ago

A man won't buy it but this is a big deal for the industry. The one thing MS has won is the holidays in the US. This could take that last bastion away from them.

callahan091270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


In all fairness, this is the 13th main release of Call of Duty since the original in 2003. Not counting spinoffs, handhelds, etc in that number (there are plenty for Call of Duty as well as some for the titles below).

Conversely, here's where we stand on the other franchises you listed:

ShenMue: 3rd entry since 1999
FF7: Completely overhauled remake 20+ years since original
Halo: 6th entry since 2001
Tomb Raider: 11th entry (including 1 remake) since 1996
Deus Ex: 4th entry since 2000
Final Fantasy: 16th since 1987 (Even though they're "main numbered", XI and XIV really aren't main Final Fantasy titles since they're totally different concepts as MMOs, but I do count X-2, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns as main series entries)

As you can see, 13 titles since 2003 is a faster release rate than any of these other franchises.

Saturation is an important factor in why people treat Call of Duty's IP differently than those others.

ShenMue hasn't had a main entry since 2001 (and this game is coming out in 2017+)
FF7 was in 1997 (and the remake will be out in 2017+)
Halo hasn't had a main entry since 2012, and before that 2010.
Tomb Raider hasn't had a main entry since 2013, and before that 2008.
Deus Ex hasn't had a main entry since 2011, and before that 2003.
Final Fantasy hasn't had a main entry since 2013, and before that 2011 (and this game is also not going to be out until 2017+)

Every one of these has had multiple years between the previous release and the next one, as well as the prior release BEFORE the last one.

Conversely, Call of Duty has had a main entry released EVERY YEAR since 2005. In fact, every year since the original in 2003 if we count Call of Duty: Finest Hour in 2004. It's been over a decade of a new Call of Duty every year.

subtenko1269d ago

all the people posting #CODXboxorRIOT lol

I dont really care for COD (not saying that it cant be fun...) I have BF4 and starting playing online More. its pretty fun! If COD is fun like it who knows...

Im more interesting in DOOM and Unreal type FPS I think...I wanna get back to those FPS back in the 90s like Quake 2 (I grew up playing this stuff)

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Captain_Wormy1270d ago

Um..I care and so do the others that actually enjoy the CoDs.

Bigpappy1270d ago

you can all still play COD.

EvilWay1270d ago

Anyone who enjoys cod and or is a competitive Cod player or wants to be cares....

I actually got back into Cod. I am a competitive gamer and if they put it on Ps4 I will play something else because it's a waste

Orbilator1270d ago

Erm its on ps4 every year ya dafty

Ab-NoR-maL-1270d ago

@Orbilator In case you didn't know, eSports is a growing market. While CoD eSports is far from LoL, DotA, and CSGO, it is still something that someone can do full time. Plenty of kids aspire to doing that, and the console change really hurts a lot of those that bought an Xbox One and can't afford to buy a PS4 now. Although I'm on PS4, I don't have those aspirations of becoming a pro CoD player. Just because you don't care, doesn't mean no one cares.

joab7771270d ago

I agree completely, but it still sells alot, and this iteration has zombies. Also, pros love the new dualshock and now exclusive dlc. It will make a difference.

Khajiit861270d ago

DS4 is the best controller I ever owned. My first one finally got a problem, the left button on the dpad stopped working. Had this thing for a year and a half and its my only one. I dropped it dozens of times and thought it was done and nothing, on top of that I have 3 kids that have had their share of biting, dropping, hitting against the floor etc...

I think switching between pc and ps4 too much might have caused it but not sure... Still I know I have had to go through at least 2 360 controllers a year and at least 2 ps3 controllers a year, So I am really happy with the DS4.

Relientk771270d ago

Yeah but Call of Duty still sells millions every year hate it or love it. Sony getting the exclusive rights is a big deal

also this was on here a couple days ago

"#XboxOrWeRiot is the result of Sony getting marketing rights for Call of Duty"

so yea it does have an impact and some people are p*ssed about it

DarkOcelet1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I understand but why? There is so much better looking games out there.

I mean BO3 looked so damn average in front of juggernauts like Horizon and Uncharted 4. It looked really last gen.

@Jackstraw, a little upgrade in visuals/gameplay/story wont hurt.

JackStraw1270d ago

^There are much better games out there TO YOU! How is that hard to understand?! People have differing opinions. This is elementary societal stuff here. I think one way, you think another, neither is better, neither is more right or wrong than the other.

Sitdown1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Perhaps it's not just about the looks, but the gameplay.... Also you do realize Horizon and Uncharted are not first person, and we don't know when they are coming out... So somewhat pointless to bring them up; not to mention they are also 1st party.

darx1270d ago

@ Dark

Horizon a juggernaut?....I guess

cell9891269d ago

You cant deny the popukarity of COD and Zombies game mode, that alone drives people to play the stupid game. That exclusive deal was a good move any way you look at it

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wakeNbake1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

This is a futile attempt to reinvigorate a slowly dying franchise by giving the illusion of a "new era". I for one will never again buy a COD again be it on PS4 or Xb1, they've already burned me four years in a row.

Thefreeman0121270d ago

I haven't bought a CoD game since black ops and I don't think I'm missing much,

insomnium21270d ago

I loved MW1 but never bought another COD after that.

mopground1270d ago

yep i thought id give it another chance with advanced warfare.... never again

n4rc1269d ago

i feel the same but sales dont really indicate that happening.. even tho ill never buy another one

i chalk it up to getting older.. music sucks, cod sucks lol.. but justin bieber can suck as much as i can muster, still sells like a champ..

everyones different..

Brix901269d ago

IMO Black Ops 2 was the last best CoD game the servers are still packed with people to play with...A lot of people are hoping the same for this

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Docknoss1270d ago

COD is a dead franchise in comparison to what it once was. MS realized this, or they would have thrown enough money at Activision to snag it.

ger23961270d ago

Dead? We'll see. But I'll bet it'll sell more than tomb raider. Which happens to be an xbox 1 timed exclusive. Regardless of what people say, yes sales are very important. Believe it or not there are people who all they play is cod, fifa and madden. So if a certain console gets dlc first, you can bet it's enough to intice them to by that console.

REDDURT1270d ago

It will also continue to outsell halo.

n4rc1269d ago

id like to think thats true..

maybe MS is sick of cod like many of us and bailed on them.. one can

VforVideogames1270d ago

I'm done with all those remakes like ffvll , uncharted , heavy rain , gow and cod's gran turismos and forzas its time for new ip's !!!!!

GearSkiN1270d ago

Your post didn't make any sense, you used the word remake to a game called forza? Cod? Grand torismo...

Gohadouken1270d ago

even if somehow Gt and forza were remakes , you've got new ips all the time ... Even Ubisoft EA , and Activision are somehow introducing new ips every once in a while ... so i don't follow

mt1270d ago

the sad truth COD gonna outsell them.

nucky641270d ago

if you're right, darkocelt, how do you explain this article:

4 old CODs in the top 10 most requested games to be made BC on x1?

holin41270d ago

you cant comper halo or gears with cod... ! call of duty comes out every damn year, and with AV we had to pay for zombies mode... fck off
Halo5 launches with 20 maps and 15 more for free... how long since the last gears?
you tell me...

Batt1eRatt1e1270d ago

Is Crimzon foreal? How many COD's have there been? There were two Shenmue's. Shenmue is far better than COD and has been begged for by fans for over 14 years now. You really have no clue what you are talking about.

spicelicka1270d ago

Exactly what i was gonna say. Could care less if went off both Xbox and PS and went exclusive to Wii-U

jeremyj29131270d ago

*Roaring applause*
You won N4G my friend. That comment is

UNKLE1270d ago

"not the same rehashed crap"

im not love COD games too.. but not just cod is "rehashed"

i mean hell i love uncharted but uc4 is pretty rehashed as the others... Shenmou3? i guess the gameplay will be same as shenmou2? and rise of tomb raider is pretty same as the 2013 was except the graphics and story.

Khajiit861270d ago

I agree. The only problem is, COD has a HUGE following, so that will bring even more people to PS4... Which really isnt all the great news for MS.

Almost everyone I talk to about gaming alays brings up COD.... "Did you see the new Black Ops?" I just shrug it off because COD has not been on my radar since Black Ops 1, way too many games this holiday to even make time or have money for COD.

Blaze9291269d ago

Why would Microsoft care about CoD this year when they're pushing Halo 5 super hard and it being the first real 343 Halo game, cannot fail?

To them, they're like f CoD. Activision didn't "go" with Sony because they are leading sales lol - they simply didn't have anyone to stand next to.

TAURUS-5551269d ago

good choice u made..u call of duty

XanderZane1269d ago

I've never played a CoD: Black Ops games, so I really could care less about this. I'm not getting it. I did get CoD: AW, but that's about it. This is all about competition. Sony will get some timed exclusive content and so will Microsoft. Sony gets Destiny and CoD: BO3, Microsoft gets Tomb Raider and Fallout 4. What will happen with games like Half Life 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA VI in the future?

TheXgamerLive1269d ago

Bahaha those idiotic fools, Microsoft didn't react to anything COD, they simply chose not to renew their deal as they chose other games this year. Sometimes websites are idiots. Sony flamers especially. MS pockets are deeper than sony and they simply didn't want this. Next up sony.

Fallout 4 exclusive deal is a million times better in my book.

DarkOcelet1269d ago

But you do realize that both Fallout 4 and BO3 will still sell better on PS4 even if it had the marketing rights.

Didnt that happen with The Witcher 3?

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I-Hate-usernames1270d ago

The last COD i played was COD3 for ps2 :) never cared for COD. Never cared for fps shooter overall.

oSHINSAo1270d ago

The first i played was Mordern Warfare(1) and i consider it the best

stixxx1270d ago

Definitely the best one. If they did an hd remake i'd be all over it. But until then, head over to the rockstar social club and search "shipment" for a near perfect remake of the classic. 50 thousand people used to live here, but now its a ghost town.

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loopygames1270d ago

I think Sony mainly did it so they can advertise the PS4 at the end of the Call of Duty commercial. It actually saves them money from having to create a commercial by themselves. Having Black Ops 3/Battlefront 3 in November doing ad blitz on TV will get the PS4 a ton of exposure.

Outthink_The_Room1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Last generation, Call of Duty sold somewhat similar amounts of games on both consoles. It's not like it was 15M for the 360 and 3M for PS4, or some ridiculous ratio. The numbers were alot closer than people try to make it out to be.

The fact that Sony had almost zero marketing for CoD and still sold 10M+ is a testament to the franchise, not so much the marketing deal. The biggest takeaway from the deal is probably tournaments. But even then, it's a small fraction of the community that participates in those.

All in all, it's not really a big deal who gets the marketing. This generation is very different from the past because of Social Media.

Sony may have the marketing deal for Battlefront, but because of EA Access, you're going to see XB1 footage and screenshots plastered all over Twitter and Facebook a week before release.

In this day and age, where timelines and trending topics on Twitter are gospel, marketing deals are tough to justify. It's helpful, but it's different this time around.

crazychris41241270d ago

The only way Ive seen these partnerships work is if they make a custom bundle. MS made the COD AW X1 bundle which I bought cuz it looked cool and I have always wanted a custom bundle. Too bad the game is crap and now Im stuck with it. And if Sony finally announces the MGS 5 PS4 bundle is coming to North America I'll most likely get that too.