Uncharted 4 on PS4 Includes 3.5 Hours of Animations Just for Drake, 30 Minutes for the Market Scene

Animation has always been one of the strong points of Naughty Dog games, and today Lead Animator Jeremy Yates provided some data about the sheer amount of custom animations included in the game and in the demo you saw at E3.

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Sora_19941220d ago

Wtf?! naughty gods indeed

Brotard1220d ago

Naughty dog and Bethesda will heroically usher us into the next generation of gaming for adventure and rpg

SmokingMonkey1220d ago

I see a Giant Robotic Dinosaur following this group.

christian hour1220d ago

I've always loved the contextual animations Naughty Dog bestowed upon the gaming community last generation. And I've always loved seeing other devs try and fail to emulate it. Looks like they've raised the bar in that scenario again.

Another Naughty Dog first was the contextual ad-lib dialogue, they'd have the voice actors watch them playthrough levels and scenarios and throw in bits of dialogue in character which, during a playthrough, you could miss out on entirely if you don't look at a specific part of the level or go a specific route.

No doubt theres more of that and then some in store for us in Drakes last outing :)

My friends a big troy baker/nolan north fan, so having them both in one game as brothers has him going in to spasms XD

PR_FROM_OHIO1220d ago

Naughty Dog please stop!! We get it you guys are the very best!!!!!! lol

Rimeskeem1220d ago

None of us would have even realized if they didn't tell us. Naughty Dog always goes beyond.

Fkhalf161220d ago

DAMN!!! Just waiting on that release date, guessing either at the Paris Game Show or PS Experince.

Am-No-Hero1220d ago

Damn ND what are you doing
look at the f u c k i n upgrade in 2015 build

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