Biggest Sin In Gaming – On Disc DLC Or Downgraded Games

On disc DLC... Graphical downgrades... Two of the worst things in gaming today, and most gamers will agree that they are. Yeah we know how horrible they are, but which one is the worse one out of the two? I mean both have got their own awful qualities but which one is the undisputed king of awful in gaming today... On disc DLC or graphical downgrades. ThisGenGaming takes a look at both of these issues, and decides which one is worse.

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WilliamUsher1244d ago

On disc DLC by far. Graphics can be an issue of immersion, but there's nothing that rustles the Jimmies more than knowing that you just paid $60 for a game and there's $100 worth of DLC already on the disc that you can't access until you pay more to unlock completed content.

I've seen reputation managers using the excuse that the completed on-disc DLC has a "separate budget" from the rest of the game so it requires a difference price. BS.

Unless I see the investment sheet proving there was a separate budget to finish content on time to include it on the disc with the rest of finished content, I'll reside to assuming that it was ripped away from the rest of the content and consumers are paying extra to access content already on the disc.

If there are numbers to back up the claim of a separate budget I would like to see them.

People lie, numbers don't.

Canthar1244d ago

On disc DLC by far. If it is on the disc already than it should be included.

I-Hate-usernames1244d ago

On disk DLC. It's like you bought something but you wont get everything until you pay more. That is absolutely fucking ridiculous

crazychris41241244d ago

On Disc DLC, tsunami of DLC on Day 1, broken games at launch, micro-transactions, annual releases and DRM are the real problems. Last thing Im worried when playing are the graphics.

B1uBurneR1244d ago

DLC on disc #1 sin followed by micro transaction. Downgrade to make the game playable or increase performance is acceptable.

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