Nintendo: Post-E3 2015 - Some Obvious Mistakes Were Made

Jason: "I went into the Digital Event with my expectations realistic and stayed back as everyone hopped on those hype trains. As a person who stayed calm and logical about the whole affair, what impressions did I have?"

Jason from PlayerEssence discusses.

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RPGrinder1308d ago

Nintendo did great in general this E3

DualWielding1308d ago

you have a very weird concept of great

RPGrinder1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Smash Direct

Best collection of games that any publisher had to there name.

People can cry about the 1 hour direct all they want, it has been confirmed by IGN that Nintendo had the most popular E3 booth.

Game Informer said it, Gamespot said it, they all said it.

Sony "won" because they had a kickstarter, a remake, and a 10 year old game that should have been out years ago. Wonderful.

Nintendo had Fire Emblem, Star Fox, Xenoblade, Yoshi, Mario & Luigi, Smt x fe, pokemon mystery dungeon, Zelda triforce heroes, animal crossing happy home designer and on and on. Most of this is coming this year.


I am supposed to take someone with this name seriously?

Nintendos overall E3 was better than anyones. They had the most popular booth. That is winning E3.

xHeavYx1308d ago

Well, if IGN said it, then it must be true!

KimikoGaming1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )


Smash Direct was fantastic, and really really exciting to watch. But since everything announced in it, with the exception of a few DLC stages, came out on the same day. Because of this, the Smash Direct didn't provide ANYTHING to be excited about.

Treehouse provided some awesome footage of various games people were already excited for, but it didn't announce anything new. So it didn't really get people excited for things they weren't already excited for.

I agree, the Nintendo Live Stream DID have the best collection of games out of any of the other publishers at E3. HOWEVER, everything good in it was something that was already known, and people were already excited for. Everything new that was announced was something that didn't get people very excited. So overall, it was one of the least exciting conferences. Best lineup, but little surprise.

Cindy-rella1308d ago

"Some obvious mistakes were made." Welcome to the release of the wii and wii u

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HentaiMasterRace1308d ago

Lol what!? Nintendo barely did better than EA, and theirs was terrible!

N0TaB0T1308d ago

Considering more money went into that stupid puppet skit. No. Just no. Also, they are persistent against rising trends and innovations every one of their competition embraces.

It's toxic corporate stubbornness.

RPGrinder1308d ago

I am pretty sure more money has gone into the development of Last Guardian than this puppet skit.

"they are persistent against rising trends and innovations"

What innovation do Sony or Microsoft show in the gaming space? Bland shooters with gray color pallets?

N0TaB0T1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Holo Lense? Truly interactive projections?

You're kind of scraping the barrel here with your defenses. There were more adventurous games than "gritty grimy grody" (Hello? ReCore?) first person shooters. The indie titles announced are more solid than they have been the past two years. I'm not counting remasters (since we won't have to repurchase GoW 1 to play it on the One at some point). You either fire on all cylinders or you do not, again, Nintendo hyped "Change".

I'm sorry but Nintendo was hyping this huge change in avenues and honestly a cockroach laying eggs underneath the fridge brought more to the table than Nintendo's event. Hello? I've been sticking to their handheld consoles for quite some time now. I'm not playing sides here, and you should have had higher expectations if you were actually aware of the struggles the Wii U is facing globally.

ritsuka6661307d ago

Best collection of games that any publisher had to there name. ''

So muchhhh bias? Heres Zelda? Metroid......... so yea Nope, Nintendo had not best collection of games.

emilijo7771307d ago

Let's hope that Wii U will at least have few good exclusives in future, we know how barren third party support is

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FallenAngel19841308d ago

Nintendo still hasn't dropped the price for Wii U

MrAfrika1308d ago

The thing is still $299, I don't care if it comes with the game, it shouldn't be only a mere $50 cheaper than the XBone with such a gap in graphics, quality, and gaming choices. I think its bright as day that Nintendo is trying to maximize its profits as they abandon this system.

Moonman1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

There is no gap in quality....stop smoking

Wii U still has higher rated exclusives. Xbox One has maybe higher rated third party games...I'll say that....

deadpools_n641308d ago

No doom for it. No great Zelda. Small decent fun games with "Metroid" slapped in the title isn't good. Star fox was a plus. Could used an F-zero announcement but that's still wishful thinking.

mastershredder1307d ago

To those total clowns knocking down the N, a vast array of the executive team from Nintendo US and Japan were on the freak'n show floor for q and a, but to the anti-social free-tshirt and game-play-bragging-rights-focu sed individuals it probably would suck and GOOD. You are exactly the people who should not be at E3.

StormSailor1307d ago

I was sad by Nintendo after watching the Digital Event... but they deserve what's happening right now

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