Soul Calibur IV Comparison

Video shows a side by side comparison of Soul Calibur IV on the PS3 and X-box 360.

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sonarus4844d ago

my version is better than yours:p

morganfell4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

Vader beats Yoda. And when Darth Vader body slammed Nightmare it was the end of any comparison whatsoever.

sonarus4844d ago

Please. Your nipples aint got sh1t on me

Bob Dole4844d ago

The force is strong in Bob Dole's pants.

poopsack4844d ago

your words are strong, but my nipples are far superior than yours. _ _

Lew_Ijgee4844d ago

May the force be nipple


DeadIIIRed4844d ago

But none of you can handle nipples of this magnitude

Bubble Buddy4844d ago

I'm going to the dark side because they have cookies :)

athlon7704844d ago

Serious help.

Expensive help.

Probably taking multiple sessions.

But you put a smile on my face so you all get agrees and a bubble from me!

Altered_Soul4844d ago

Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerous ways. Your sad devotion to those ancient nipples has not helped you see past minor differences.

potenquatro4844d ago

the best fanboi war ever. but srsly, you all need help.

thebudgetgamer4844d ago

you will be more powerfull then any pierced nipple

sumfood4u4843d ago (Edited 4843d ago )

I'm more excited about Create a Fighter an online! lol call me crazy! Damn Shame Fighter Maker didnt go aline i kinda enjoyed that game but i look 4wards to playing this!

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UGA_14844d ago

The video quality is absolutely horrible. Let me wrap my mind around this for a sec...yeah I don't get it.

thebudgetgamer4844d ago

did you see that thing in the vid it clearly shows this version is better then the other

toughNAME4844d ago

If only you guys were here a year ago, oh how the times have changed!

meepmoopmeep4844d ago

toughNAME with a Helghast logo? wtf? lol.

the comparisons mean nothing to me.
if i had both platforms i'd go for Vader hands down.

butterfinger4844d ago

and I am definitely ready to play as Vader.

DeadIIIRed4844d ago

Never thought I'd see the day

Legend4844d ago

Because my PS3 friends are interested in the game and my 360 friends are not.


i have both platforms, would it be weird if i get both games for my 360 and ps3

mikeslemonade4843d ago

HAHA look at Toughname's pathetic attempt to gain is bubbles back.

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mattkelly19914844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

You know what I say. Disagree. Im not saying the 360 version is not better(its not) im just saying its not "clearly better". Why dont you try watching the ps3 part of the video.