First Off-Screen Gameplay Footage of Bound By Flame Developer's The Technomancer

OnlySP: During our visit with Focus Home Interactive, we got our first look at the gameplay of Spider’s next RPG, The Technomancer.

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bunt-custardly1269d ago

My honest opinion:

OnlySP It's great you managed to film at E3 (at the back in the dark room) but the quality of your video as a result is pretty poor to the point of not showing anything much. The ridiculous claim of "Off Screen Gameplay - 1080p" is undermining the intelligence of the viewer.

PockyKing1269d ago

At about the 4:48 mark you can see the video just fine.

bunt-custardly1269d ago

With a magnifying glass yes. The reality is your video probably will do more harm than good for this game due to the poor quality you're presenting. Do you really think this is fair on the developers just because you want to gain a few hits on your website?

PockyKing1269d ago

Lol, they allowed us to record the video, they knew what equipment we had. If you don't like the video then don't watch it? Some people are just happy we got footage of it all considering most other, if any outlets covered any of the Focus Home Interactive games this E3 so far.

starchild1269d ago

Whoa when was this announced? I love sci-fi/Cyberpunk RPGs. I bought Bound By Flame for my PC and it was actually pretty good. This game has potential.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Cyberpunk 2077

What awesome days we're living in.

Skate-AK1269d ago

I got the game too but on PS4. It wasn't too bad for a budget title. I liked the art direction.

Skate-AK1269d ago

The last 3 RPGs they made weren't so I am going to guess no.

Palitera1269d ago

Maybe it is like Dark Souls / Lords of the Fallen.