Is DOOM Too Violent?

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Violence in video games has always been a hot topic. Whether it be Mortal Kombat, DOOM, or Grand Theft Auto, parental groups love to focus in on the violent content that the developers include in their titles. When Bethesda presented their conference this past Sunday, the new DOOM was shown off and many people reacted to its over the top violence and brutal melee kills. So we pose the question, do you think that the new DOOM is too violent?"

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NinjaRichParty1402d ago

Haha that's what I say in the article! Haha. I think DOOM looks like a bad ass mindless shooter that I'll sink time into. Just like Wolfenstein. I see video games as art and if a dev wants to put chainsaws slicing through monsters, bring it on!

trenso11401d ago

So why even ask such a ridiculous questions

KyRo1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Too violent? There are far worse games than DOOM!

AgentSmithPS41401d ago

Yep. OT - is it just me or did you get a glimpse of the video and think it was going to be a parody where he had a wig on and pretended to be an angry mom?

christian hour1401d ago

The violence in doom is verging on cartoon violence, if not beyond it.

It's just so ridiculous in it's approach and frequency, to relate it to senseless violence or actual violence that ruins lives is incredibly wreckless.

If you have to ask if Dooms too violent maybe you're the one who should get your head checked.

3-4-51401d ago

It's a GAME.

* Crossing the street in real life is more violent than playing this entire video game.

At least then something bad ACTUALLY could happen as opposed to you know this just being.....a game.

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GamingChip791402d ago

Hell no! Haha. I love that DOOM is over the top violent. That's what DOOM is about. Violence and mindless shooting. I cannot wait to get my hands on this came. Especially wit the edition of SnapMap. Yes please!!!

NinjaRichParty1402d ago

I love Doom for the same reason. I saw the demo at Betheada's E3 conference and goddamn I knew I'd have a blast with the game. I cannot wait for the beta!

ps4fanboy1402d ago

Are body builders too muscle bound?

animegamingnerd1402d ago

Am i in the 90's or something? Cause people are saying Doom is too violent, Final Fantasy 7 is in development right now and to top it all off a Jurassic Park film is currently playing in theaters.

TheColbertinator1401d ago

A new Terminator movie is out this year.

A Fallout game has been announced

VR is on the rise again

1401d ago
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