Microsoft Effectively Gave Sony A Mini Heart Attack This E3

Microsoft Owned Sony at E3 2015. Could the tables turn in favor of the American juggernaut?

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TeeKay1243d ago

didnt see it coming...but blown away by MS!

xHeavYx1243d ago

Lol, if BC is a mini heart attack, then FF7, Horizon and Shenmue are a stroke, sclerosis and impotency.

Maltaze1243d ago

Timed exclusive, scheloris and a non-factor as I see it.

Tctczach1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

FF7 isn't exclusive and the last guardian has been coming for 6 years. Lol. I would say Horizon is the big one.

Madock1243d ago

I think the writer did have a stroke...
That was the dream he had in the CT scanner

Professor_K1243d ago

Not at all lmao

you are very delusional to think ms and xbox fans care about those games despite being multiplats and horizon makes no sense.

Pogmathoin1243d ago

MS has a few years to prepare for those games... Who knows, might have other games to announce by then.....

wakeNbake1243d ago

Final Fantasy 7 is a timed exclusive, Horizon looks awesome for sure, but the Shenmue thing was just downright embarassing for everyone involved, it was kind of like "hey heres this game you've been asking about for a decade which were supporting but not quite enough to fund it" then they paraded Yu on stage like a dancing monkey begging for money.

spicelicka1243d ago

Both you and the article writer are delirious

kickerz1243d ago

horizon looks amazing but dude those games arnt coming out for a very long time.

1243d ago
pivotplease1243d ago

Is this article satirical? Owned seems like a strong word and entirely subjective as well. My friend with a 360 didn't play a single Xbox game. I didn't play a single PS2 game on my PS3. Only thought about it. As much as love the idea of BC, its not a deal breaker of any sort. That's why neither system had it from the get go. This is just a counterstrike relating to the whole used games/for the players attack from Sony in 2013.

majiebeast1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Its nice, gives Xbox fans something to play the 9 months Microsoft neglects(pre-season)the XB1.

Microsoft got blown away by Sony. Also people thinking FF7R coming to XB1 yeah don't bet on it PS4 and PC that is it.

Horizon is getting ridiculous hype, where is the hype for ReCore or that Rare mmo?

Ravenheartzero1243d ago


Well xbox fans have had years to prepare for crackdown, quantum break and scalebound. Nearly there champ.

Microsoft owned Sony...? Oh dear. Tables turn?... Oh dear. Who wants to explain to the author the reality of what's going to happen.

Nirvana315911243d ago

"Microsoft owned Sony at E3"

Lmfao is this satire?

DivoJones1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Much like a stroke, we have no idea when any of the games you mentioned will happen. None of them even have a release YEAR.

nX1243d ago

I still don't get how playing games from 2008 on your next-gen console is a big deal. Yeah it might be cool to have the option but I don't even have time to play all my current-gen games so why should I bother with the stuff I played already?

jb2271243d ago

I keep seeing people calling out FF7 as a timed exclusive, meanwhile when we mention the same for Rise of the Tomb Raider, we are told we'd be crazy to expect it on a ps4, even though it is also officially considered a timed exclusive.

ABizzel11243d ago

Both did great this E3, but we can't pull the timed exclusive / known for years card because both had the exact same issue.

We've known Forza is an annual / bi annual franchise for years so Forza 6 was not a surprise.

Halo has become an annual franchise (counting spin-offs) and we knew about Halo 5 since the launch of the XBO.

We knew Gears 4 was being made for years once MS bought the rights and said that's what Blak Tusk was working on.

We knew about Fable Legends for a while.

The Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears syndrome is real.

Tomb Raider deal was last year, an it's time exclusive.

So where exactly are we going with this. MS had a great showing simply because they have a great Holiday 2015 line-up for xbox fans (at the cost of a barren 2015 Jan - July exclusive wise). Recore only had a CG trailer, and Sea of Thieves was the only "New AAA IP" we saw from them.

Sony's in the same boat, Dreams I'm sure was gameplay, but it's a big WTF right now, but at least a good I want to know more WTF. Horizon was semi-leaked, but the gameplay shattered all my expectations. But most importantly Sony knocked it out the park by making fanboy wish list come true.

We can all agree to disagree over our favorite franchises or platforms, but game wise both shows had great showings exclusive, timed exclusive, demo #4 or not.

MS E3 was about 2015 holiday, with 2 New IPs.

Sony's E3 was about the future of PlayStation and showing the world the PS4 is the go to console of choice for multiplats and 3rd party developers, which was a true killer blow to MS since the 360 once claimed that title last gen after stealing it from the PS2/PS3.

MS message was we want to sell out XBO to our 360 fans.

Sony's was we want to continue our global domination.

I was impressed by both, but Sony was the only one to bring the Megatons to E3, I just wished they kept the show at 2 hours, so they could have at least shown 30 minutes worth of content for their 2015 exclusive, because they actually have a solid holiday line-up as well. It's not as AAA headliner packed as XBO, but it's still good and for the entire 2015 year, both line-ups can go head to head when you add in Bloodbourne, The Order, and MLB.

This was a great E3 for PS and Xbox fans. Nintendo....hopefully NX will be on stage with a release date for holiday 2016 or Spring 2017.

Griever1243d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

This article and website are just begging for clicks with that headline. :-) An unknown and irrelevant website posting poorly written fanboyish trolling article that taunts/mocks PS4 owners. They know what everyone else is saying and what actually happened so why not write something opposite of the general perception to generate controversy and clicks. An age old, tried and tested formula in media. Just read these sentences,

"Just imagine the amount of Xbox Ones being sold to former and current Xbox 360 owners later this year when the Backwards Compatibility initiative is implemented."

"Well the Hololens is amazing, and I’ll be damned, Microsoft really owned Sony to the point PS4 owners will be wondering about how badly blindsided they were."

"Sony just killed their own console by this initiative, and Microsoft can easily sell more Xbox One consoles to PS4 owners who once owned a Xbox 360 and haven’t sold the games."

No evidence, no logic and no reasoning. Just baseless predictions of what will magically happen. I wonder how come nobody else in the media noticed such a devastating and groundbreaking impact of BC? First cloud was the be all and end all, then it was DX12 and now it is BC. People need to get it through their heads that the 10 million+ PS4 lead is insurmountable by now; they should stop searching for some miracle formula that could magically "turn the tables."

@Godz Kastro

That is it? That is all you can come up with to downplay the magnitude of the announcement? Cant even spell the game's name right; "Sheamus." He wasnt asking for money to buy bread or pay his bills. He was advertising his kickstarter which earned him $2 million in just 9 hours and 3.3 million in 2 days. There are thousands of kickstarters going on right now so what was so pathetic and embarrassing about his kickstarter? He needed exposure and Sony provided him that. Sony also already has a deal with the developer and will fund the rest of the project once the basic funding goals have been met. Any gamer worth his salt knows and respects Shenmue and would never mock the announcement of the Shenmue III.

ABizzel11243d ago

Wanted to point out some things about the BC argument as well.

BC is great at launch, because it really helps ease the transition to the new hardware which usually has a lack of games after the first few months. The problem for XBO is that the majority of games Xbox fans would want to play have sequels out or coming out this holiday, so BC while great is not going to be the huge selling point some people think it is.

Halo fans has MCC already out, and Halo 5 is coming this October, BC does nothing for them and they make up around 1/6 of the Xbox entire demographic. Unless you've been playing Halo Reach for 5 years still.

Forza fans have Forza 5 already out, Forza Horizon 2 already out, and Forza 6 is coming in September. BC does nothing for them.

GTAV is already out on XBO, GTA does nothing for them unless you really been playing GTA 4 for 7 years now.

BC is serving a niche audience of 360 fans who want to play games like the old COD, Left 4 Dead (Me all the way), and some other games that aren't getting sequels for a while or the end of a franchise.

But realistically speaking, most of the people excited for BC will at best use it for the holiday season it launches then move on to newer and better games releasing only on XBO. Not to mention that every game won't instantly be backwards compatible, they'll roll out slowly and monthly like the

It's a great feature to have and a great announcement, but it's not giving Sony any kind of mini heart attack.

subtenko1243d ago

LOL ikr, title is BS! Sonys already had BC,now they have PS TV and PS Now. But I guess M$ having half their 'exclusives' actually only on Xboxone (most are on PC) then yea you need some 360 games to compensate.

Its nice to have of course, I just want more exclusives games! More Hololens demos too, not just minecraft

Death1242d ago

It's fun to see people claim that indie games which look 90's at best are quality games worth playing on a new console while games dating all the way back from 2005-20013 look dated.

Godz Kastro1242d ago

My boys and I watched as they announced Sheamus 3,then commenced to pass around the collection plate. Cringe worthy... We couldn't stop laughing.

JackStraw1242d ago

Can someone please show me the announcement that FF7 is coming to Xbox platforms? People seem adamant that "it's not exclusive" like they know the future, but the only platform this game has been announced for is PS4. Whether you like it or not, that is the reality.

medman1242d ago

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! That is absolutely hilarious, and spot on accurate!! Bubble up my good man, bubble up!!

LackTrue4K1242d ago

so, with " backwards compatibility"....and this is moving forward to the future they say.

lack of games? let's give them old games.
when ever Microsoft has a drought throughout the year, they will update their list of old 360 games.

NatureOfLogic_1242d ago

I'll just leave this here.....

Can someone show me any poll where gamers agree that MS won E3?

MS announced a last gen feature, while Sony announced three of the most anticipated games of all time along with the brand new ip that has everyone talking. If anything, this article shows just how delusional Xbox fanboys can be.

FamilyGuy1242d ago

FF7 remake alone had grown men in tears, literally, tears of joy and excitement falling from their eyes. Look up some of the reaction videos on youtube and this article just sounds like they saw a different E3 or something.

BC is nice but a request that's been asked for year after year after year finally being made.

It's no comparison.

GameNameFame1242d ago

Lol. Now it is just timed exclusive.

Wait what about tomb raider? Lol love desperate flip flops.

DragonKnight1242d ago

Lol at this article. Watch 1% of the Xbox One userbase actually make use of BC. Not knocking the feature, I definitely think Sony was stupid not to actually address it, but FF7 and Shenmue 3 broke the internet.

To the "FF7 is timed exclusive" people: This isn't Rise of the Tomb Raider. When that game was announced, it was announced as Xbox One and PC immediately. FF7 was announced "first on PS4." See the difference between Tomb Raider and FF7 is that TR has always been multiplat. Always. FF7 has always been PS console exclusive, and absolutely no iteration of it has ever appeared on an Xbox console. Not for download, not a spin off, not a port, not even a game with FFVII's characters. So yeah, it's a timed exclusive. When the time is up, it'll go to PC just like the first game did. Any evidence to the contrary?

Hi saltybread.

OB1Biker1242d ago

'E3 was Microsoft’s to win and they won it. They even showed off the Hololens and I don’t remember seeing anything on Project Morpheus. Well the Hololens is amazing, and I’ll be damned, Microsoft really owned Sony to the point PS4 owners will be wondering about how badly blindsided they were.'
lol such a fanboy article really
Unbelievable XD
'Sony just killed their own console by this initiative, and Microsoft can easily sell more Xbox One consoles to PS4 owners who once owned a Xbox 360 and haven’t sold the games.'
WTF? lol

Tito081242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Or better yet, a cardiac arrest, lol.

RedDevils1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

FF7 the only way that going to multiplate is PC, and likely never be seen on x1. Beside Sony own some share to ff7 don't expect it coming to x1 anytime soon, unless when x1 became irrelevant by then who know lol

Btw the BC is really nothing but 0.1% people that actually care about it these days. You a buy next gen console mostly to play a next gen games or else you would of stick with Ps3/360

BG115791242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

MS did a good job bringing a good, But Sony brought legends to E3. This made this E3 one of the best of all times...

Azzanation1242d ago

So your argument are games that are timed? Lol ok.

Jaqen_Hghar1242d ago

yeah is this satire? Every poll a man has seen asking who won has Sony as the overwhelming winner. Also FF7R is being talked about by the general public far more than anything MS announced. A man has seen a ton of Facebook posts and such from people he didn't even know owned a PS1 saying they wanted to get into PS4 now.

BallsEye1242d ago

Really? Those games aren't half as good as what MS is bringing in 2005. Seriously, n4g is just getting funnier day by day.

1242d ago
miyamoto1242d ago

Its the other way around.
There is so many proof that the reaction to Sony's E3 conference says otherwise.

The reputation management damage control working round the clock for MS.

MysticStrummer1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

All you guys dismissing Shenmue need to wake up.

MS had a great show, I see very few if any saying differently, but Sony had the bigger and more shocking surprises even with MS's BC factored in. Saying it's only nostalgia doesn't change that fact, because gamers over 35 outnumber gamers under 18. Older gamers have more money to spend, so what they want will be a priority. That's a huge reason for the current surge in indie popularity also, with their largely old school gameplay.

MS thought they were about to give Sony a heart attack, but Sony walked away with a minor headache called BC. I say minor because no one I know cares about that feature. If you could take all your old games and play them without any extra fee, that would be more of a victory, but MS's version is almost as limited as PS Now in it's own way.

UnHoly_One1242d ago

I was texting with all my gaming friends during the Sony conference, and even the ones that switched to PS4 this gen thought their show was terrible.

I knew that N4G would be delusional about it, but I never expected this.

And yes, WakeNBake, you said it best. The Shenmue thing was probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen at a professional trade show. Advertising a kickstarter, then humiliating the game designer by parading him out to use his limited english to beg for money... I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And I couldn't believe it even more when people thought it was something great.

Sevir1242d ago

If you bought an Xbox One to play XB360 and then to rebuy their remasters then you're messed up in the head...

No one in their right mind thinks Sony got own... In fact all the media had been talking about since the conference day ended was Sony...

People bought new machines to play new games, you've all been bitching and crying about the sheer volumes of remastered releasing and want new games but are cheering as if BC is suddenly now some game changer? It's software emulation. And barely worth the mention. With all the "games" you Xbox gamers are so proud of claiming you all have to play on XBO and you're all gloating over playing last gen games at last gen resolutions and last gen framerates through software emulation... But complain about remasters? Y'all are schizophrenic and really confused... But have at it. I'm sure Sony is concerned sitting at 25 million PS4s sold and some killer games that make the PS4 even more worth own over software based emulation

xHeavYx1241d ago

Talk about delusional. Texts from your imaginary friends don't count.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1243d ago ShowReplies(5)
christian hour1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

This article makes some solid points and is correct about BC being a great move for microsoft to lure over those still sticking with their 360 or who were undecided as to which new console to buy.

However he's totally bonkers when he says "Sony just killed their own console by this initiative" in regards to PSNow being available without needing a ps4...

*edit* on a side note, he's also bonkers when he says "The Xbox 360 back catalog is huge and to be honest, it kind of owned the PS3 last generation", this is entirely down to personal opinion, and at the end of the day, regardless of personal tastes, it's common knowledge Sony had the best Variety among their games *end edit*

All in all not a bad read. But then again no big revelations here either that we havent heard in the last few days.

Although I don't see BC being as big a draw as he might think. I've had several consoles in the past that did this, and I only ever really stuck in an old game just to see what differences post processing tricks would bring to it (e.g halo 2 original disc in a 360, FFXII in a ps3 etc), eventually I'd lose or damage the disc cos I was young and careless back then or get distracted by all the new gameplay a new gen would bring me :)

Choices are always good though, and having the ability to play your old physical library on a new machine is always a good choice to have. Fair play to MS. Slowly restoring faith in the consumers they fudged over 2 years ago.

p.s Who name's their child "staff writer"? :P sorry, lame joke.

OB1Biker1242d ago

The whole article is a joke

Magicite1242d ago

from everything that MS showed, for me most impressive was elite gamepad, but its way too expensive...

Letthewookiewin1242d ago

If MS didn't announce BC honestly ask yourself how they did against Sony.

joab7771242d ago

I don't understand why BC is such a big deal. We be had this conversation and seen the stats before. Honestly, if Sony gave me BC tonight, I'd be like, "cool". But I'd never use it. And most ppl that do, probably aren't selling their old machines. I didn't because they are more than just gaming machines.

If BC won E3, then I'm at a loss for words, b/c our expectations just fell off a cliff. I'd much rather have new games.

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Maltaze1243d ago

Bit of an overstatement no? Microsoft got backwards compatibility and Sony hit it out of the park with FF VII Imho.

Thatguy-3101243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Not only that but Shenmue 3 announcement, TLG demo, Uncharted demo, and Horizon demo which has been garnering a lot of praise left and right from a lot of the media outlets. Where are the people that are raving about the games that Microsoft showed??? Microsoft had a great E3 showing but no one expected Sony to drop the bombs they did. That's why people are still raving about it.

Agent_00_Revan1243d ago

Exactly. BC was a big deal. But that's all I hear people talking about. People are going crazy over all the games Sony showed and announced. But I hear no one talking about the games at Microsoft's conference. It all comes back to BC.

Professor_K1243d ago

Out of the park with a multiplat?
not to mention A REMAKE looool ok

RustCohle1243d ago

FFVII isn't just any remake, mind you..

pivotplease1243d ago

Then Tomb Raider's timed exclusivity is meaningless as well(which it is). I wouldn't be surprised if Sony helped make this happen. It's kind of their style to figure out what people want and throw it their way. That's why they're helping SF5 and Shenmue with financing and still haven't cancelled TLG.

BlackTar1871243d ago

lol Dr_K you happy about TOmb Raider?

Ravenheartzero1243d ago

One of the biggest and most wanted remakes of all time. Great it's coming to all platforms for gamers to enjoy but don't kid yourself as to which platform this will benefit most business wise...

Davi1231243d ago

And Tomb Raider is what? A new IP?!

kupomogli1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )


Just because it was stated Final Fantasy 7 would be on PS4 first, what makes people think it'll even be coming to Xbox One? It could be "coming out first on PS4" then releasing later on PC. No one knows.

One thing we do know is that Sony helped fund Final Fantasy 7 on the PSX and it later released on PC. Sony could be helping to fund Final Fantasy 7 again for console exclusivity with a future PC release. Or even being that it's a remake of Final Fantasy 7, maybe the same exclusive rights apply.

Then again, maybe it is on PS4 and Xbox One. 2025 on the PS4, 2026 on the Xbox One.

Meryl1242d ago

Here's the truth if MS had of announced FF7R for XBONE first you lot would have been rubbing it in all our faces and making a big deal out of it, afterall it is one of the most wanted remakes for year's on end, and now it's finally happening...

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JokerDem1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

A Timed exclusive coming to arguably MS's other platform and potentially the Xone is hitting it out of the park?!....

Disagrees for the truth, N4G at it's best

_-EDMIX-_1243d ago

The disagree is likely due to the reality that its likely not coming to XONE. Star Ocean 5 isn't, Nier isn't, World of Final Fantasy isn't and FFXIV didn't....

The fact that 4 new Square games got revealed to not have XONE versions likely means Square has no plans for JRPGs outside of FFXV and KH3, 2 titles that where worked on for both before both systems even released. The sales of XONE is likely why Square is doing this, but then again, they didn't put KH collection on 360, or FFX and X-2 and Star Ocean 5, despite it having a PS3 version and Star Ocean Last Hope being on 360.

Hell, FFXIV isn't on XONE despite FFXI being on 360.

Tales Grace, Xillia's 1 and 2 and Zestiria are all not on 360, despite Vesperia being on 360. I'm sorry but we can't just call all reasons for a game not appearing on a system due to being "timed" is Bravely Default "timed"? Was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle's "timed"? I the whole Yakuza series "timed"? Consider they are not on other systems based on how those game likely do outside of Japan or on other systems. Its likely timed...for PC as FFVII was never even ported to 360, yet it was ported to PS3 on PSN, hell why isn't any of the older FF's on 360 for that matter yet on PSN for PS3, Vita etc?

It might be due to projected sales, if the didn't bring over those titles what makes you think they will FFVII? They are already starting to do now what Namco, Nis, Sega and many other publishers started last gen and thats cutting out XB with their Japanese titles.

They don't sell on XB, why should the waste the money?

Onimusha had a XB released, sold poorly, 2,3,Dawn Of Dreams didn't.

Silent Hill 2 released on XB, sold poorly, 3 and 4 didn't release on XB.

MGS2 subsistence released on XB, sold poorly, MGS3 didn't release on XB.

See the pattern. For all we know, Square only has plans for the main FF's and KH on 360 in terms of Japanese titles and sadly, we don't even know if thats going to continue as they very much could skip it for future releases if the sales don't keep up.

XONE's western versions must sell extremely well as they don't have Japanese versions most times, thus XONE will sell the least overall many times by default where as the PS4 will have the east and west sales. XONE doing poorly in Japan and those games selling not so well in the west on 360 in the past might we why we are seeing this right now.

Davi1231243d ago

Sony are helping developing Shenmue 3. And even the original or remastered version of FFVII aren't announced to XBone. Why you believe that the remake will come?

Xb1ps41243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Is ff 7 exclusive?

Ssooo Sony got more like a base hit.. Since it's not a exclusive I would really say they hit it out of the park that's what I would call an "over statement" but hey this is n4g and I need to stop since I just lost a bubble bringing me down to 2 :(..

This bubble system thing is just stupid.. Since n4g seems like they are going to keep it and not fix it then everyone should just be choked down to 4 bubbles and that's it...

pivotplease1243d ago

Timed. Otherwise Square would become even more bankrupt. They are the kind of games that will sell like triple the amount on PlayStation though.

christian hour1242d ago


They tend to reset peoples bubbles here when theres a huge overhaul on the site. I used to have 9 bubbles that took me a few years of posting now and then to gain (im not that active, and im usually a few hours/days late to an article). Since the last update when everyones bubbles went back down to 5, I've managed to gain one, and that was probably 2 years ago at this point.

Don't worry, another update will come eventually, you'll have your level playing field some day. Unless they just do away with it entirely.

Does anyone else miss the two seperate comment channels they used to have? One for casual, name calling, flame war crap, and then one for serious discussion. I know it didnt always work out but most times it kept the discussions relatively cheery and fun. When a rabid fanboy did wander in, it would just be ignored :) Ah the good ol days.

lemoncake1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )