The Last Guardian and ShenMue III: Watch The Crowd at PlayStation E3 Experience Go Crazy Over Them

Yesterday you saw the reactions of the fans that watched Sony's E3 press conference in theaters to the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII remake, but there were two more announcements on Monday evening that pulled hard on the heartstrings of gamers all over the world.

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Relientk771399d ago

All they saw is a feather falling for The Last Guardian and they went insane lol

Abriael1399d ago

Well, the "companionship" part kind of set that up :D

AutoCad1399d ago

Huge news and its about time..
But i was a little let down that they relied on these old games..I wouldve liked to see new ips announced..Horizon was awesome but i seemed like that was the only new AAA game announced..Hopefully they have something to announced at gamescon and tokyo game show.

lxlkuyaboilxl1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I can't wait to hear what they'll announce at the next event.

Sony won't be there for Gamescom this year, but they'll be holding some "international media briefing" at Paris Games Week on October 27, 2015.

sypher1399d ago

It's partly due to them most likely having the PlayStation Experience again at the end of the year. There's now more events than ever and we still don't know what the majority of Sony studios are working on.

Heck theres even a second Naughty Dog team that after finishing The Last Of Us is a complete mystery.

OB1Biker1399d ago

Yoshida said in an interview he played a few new IPs and its clear they will be revealed soon but I think giving the focus to one new IP on each event is not a bad thing.
This E3 was Horizon time.

Christopher1399d ago

"Are you trying to kill us?"

Sony's final true goal in life has been discovered...

PhoenixUp1399d ago

The great thing about the PlayStation brand is that it caters to niche audience just as much as it does the mainstream audience.

MWH1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

it's Shenmue not ShenMue.

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The story is too old to be commented.