GameTrailers: Final Fantasy IV Review

Has this 17-year-old RPG's facelift been for the good?

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PS360WII3737d ago

Yes this game is amazing! Only so far in but the additions make you that more into it and the difficulty is great and status effects are thrown about for a much more need of items. Must own even if you have FFIV already

Luca Blight3737d ago

Sure they're fine on their own, but I prefer the original 2D versions w/no voice acting. They let you imagine how the characters would look and sound instead of giving you blocky characters and set voices (that may or may not meet your expectations). Plus, there's a certain allure to 2D handdrawn (like in games like Suikoden) that can't be expressed in 3D.

Now, remakes of 3D games (like Wild Arms of FF7) I'm all for.

lonestarmt3737d ago

I for one think this is great. I got final fantasy iv for PS a ways back but I couldn't get into it. I love 2D, but at the time I couldn't get past the 16 bit graphics. I'm so thankful for this game, because now I can exp the whole game. So for someone like me this became a must have, and after playing only several hours in it, I'm already hating myself for not giving it a better chance earlier. If you have never played FFIV or were turned off it in the PS one days, buy this game now!!!!!

ItsDubC3737d ago

This game is definitely awesome, as is the original. A lot of ppl aren't a huge fan of the voice-acting but I haven't found it to be that bad so far. The 3D is used very well during cutscenes to provide camera angles and viewpoints that accentuate the characters and any of their actions, which is something the original never had the luxury of doing.

Another awesome RPG for the DS.