Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Feels a Bit Like Titanfall Sans Titans | Entertainment Buddha

EB: During E3 2015 I had the opportunity to play a few matches of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer (PS4 version), and while it feels very similar to other COD titles, it definitely has a bit of a Titanfall feel, albeit without hulking robots. This is due to the jet pack you now have, which allows you to reach heights by holding the “X” button, but you can also use it to wall run like a parkour aficionado. This definitely opens up new styles of play in COD, while also making multiplayer feel even more fast paced than ever before.

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ScuderiaPaul1215d ago

This is the first COD I won't be buying. For me, multiplayer has been steadily declining in appeal since the amazing Black Ops 1. I am not a fan of this future tech vibe.

After all these years it feels strange saying it but until they move away from the future stuff I am finished with the series.

badboyz091214d ago

This is the first COD I will be buying.