E3 2015: Forza Motorsports 6 Hands-On Preview – The Evolution of Microsoft’s Racer Continues | COG

COG writes: We take Microsoft’s upcoming racer on the track and run a few laps to see what’s new, what’s exciting, and what makes this next entry into their bi-annual franchise the next racing game to get this fall.

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generalwinter1215d ago

This game looks so good! Wish it was on PS4 too!

reallyNow1215d ago

GT7 will come. Forza will go back to being an also-ran.

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playstation4epic1215d ago

Probably will sell less than Driveclub

Vasto1215d ago

Driveclub is garbage compared to Forza. Forza 6 will be so much better then Driveclub.

Whitey2k1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

y the graphics has improved and I know all fanboys will say forza is better but I still think driveclub is better in the gfx department and who knows what GT7 will bring to the table

reallyNow1215d ago

Your opinion is not fact, and it's a bit pre-mature. Drive Club is a better racing game than any Forza I've played. Better sim? No. But DC is much more fun as a game.

tgunzz1215d ago

Everyone's opinion is their fact... You state yours as fact as well Really Now.

Khajiit861215d ago

IYO. lets face it sims are not that realistic.... Forza1, and GT1 were sims where they realistic? LMAO.

SCW19821215d ago

Hey Vasto you do realize they are two different racing genres. What you just did was stupid at best. It's like comparing burnout and gran turismo. GROW UP CHILD.

xKugo1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

That's your opinion, but doesn't change the fact that this game will undoubtedly sell worse than DC despite being the "better game". The entire Forza series has barely sold more than a single GT game(GT5). So, while Xbox fanboys like to say that Forza is the king of race simulators, they sure don't support the "King" with their wallets.

Vasto1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Forza is the best racing series ever made. Driveclub was just a tech demo that tried to be passed off as a real racer. LMAO

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JJShredder1215d ago

Driveclub is good but sales does not equal's a damn shame that people don't buy Forza games as much as they should.

Forza Horizon 2 was 2014 game of the year IMO. Plus it actually fully worked at launch......

iistuii1215d ago

I'm on it now. Best racing game this gen so far by a mile & that's from a platinum trophy Driveclub player. Graphics don't make a game. DC looks stunning in places but when it comes to absolutely everything else in the game it's miles behind FH2

_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

The lolz. I don't fully get the disagrees, could likely be that it selling less then Driveclub doesn't really have to do with anything regarding its quality.

Driveclub factually sold better then Forza Horizon 2 and very much like Forza 5. (mind you, Horizon 2 is on 2 systems)

Nothing is wrong with that either, selling well has nothing to do with quality.

Forza has always sold under GT, GT5 literally almost sold more then the wholes series combined. Its not a bad IP, it gets great reviews and scores every time it releases, GT is just much more grand, offers more cars, more modes and only comes around twice a gen. It has a huge world wide install base of fans too.

I don't think Driveclub, GT etc will hurt Forza as Forza's fans like it for what it is, regardless of less features or sales.

That is like me not liking Motorstorm because it has less cars then GT...I like it for what it offers.

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_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

? The second GT always sells less then the first GT on PS systems as most users buy it as a 1 game per system deal. ie GT3 sold like 14 million, GT4 sold less, GT5 sold 10 million, GT6 sold less etc. That really wasn't the point I was making, I was merely saying the Forza series doesn't sell GT numbers.

"Nothing is wrong with that either, selling well has nothing to do with quality"

As I stated earlier, it has nothing to do with quality and I very much know Forza gets better ratings, as thats not really the point being made.

"Since when did Forza have less features than GT LOL?"

The series didn't have Rally and Nascar prior to recently.

Whats strange, is I was never saying one was better as I'm the one that just stated "selling well has nothing to do with quality."

Your seeking an argument in a situation in which none is really being made. GT factually has more content, GT factually got less scores, GT factually sells better the Forza as 1 GT can sell more then the whole series of Forza etc.

That isn't really arguing or making claims, those are very much facts and I never even took a side on either game, merely stated that sales has no baring on quality and I'm ironically saying that against GT, not FOR IT! LOL, I mean...what did you think I meant by that? Of course i know of GT getting less scores, its why I used it as an example.

Forza will get high scores, the series always does mind you...I stated that before lol.

"Its not a bad IP, it gets great reviews and scores every time it releases"

So your telling me Forza get great reviews every release? Well my am I, I don't disagree with you lol.

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Pogmathoin1215d ago

Seems to be a lot of of hate here from people that have never played the game..... Forza has never been less than stellar.... Drive club is fine, but it is no Forza or GT indeed....

Elit3Nick1215d ago

That salt is giving me blisters

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AutoCad1215d ago

Game already on my xbox one ready to be played.

Dark_matter1215d ago

Did you pre-order the game on xbl?

Elit3Nick1215d ago

Honestly digital is the best version right now. With the ultimate edition, you get VIP, the car pass, the ten year anniversary car pack(just existing cars with custom skins) and the Fast and Furious pack.

Bigpappy1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

People are under estimating all of Xbox exclusives. In a way that is good. It keeps expectations in check.

JJShredder1215d ago

MS does have the problem of over-relying on those established franchises though however good they are.

However, it does look like they are getting more creative with Recore, Rare's new game (finally letting them get off Kinect), Scalebound, Ori, Cuphead, etc.

Sony dominating them is making them a better company for gamers, no question about it. There is no problem with them being second in sales.

Elit3Nick1215d ago

Releasing new Forzas and Halos isn't really a bad thing, the release cycle isn't harming their quality and it keeps people invested in the games without letting interest die out.

Phantomlounge6171215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Let's not pretend like driveclub is just graphics when the cars in it and projects Cars sound more identical to the real versions compared to forzas vehicles. I own forza and driveclub enjoyed both but they both don't hold a candle to Gran I mean forza fans are bragging about features gran turismo 5 had last gen. If you only played forza then you would get excited for features other games been had