Line Rider 2 Details, Release Date, and Interview with Chris Keenan

Line Rider was one of 2006's biggest flash games toys. When it exploded on the deviantART site hosting it (and has received over 30 million views in 2007 alone), creator Bostjan Cadez never imagined his school project would turn into the madness you find when typing "Line Rider" into Youtube.

Months after the flash toy exploded, inXile announced the development of a true sequel to the toy and its updated versions. It is now anticipated for a Sept. 9 release for PC, DS, and Wii.

Producer of Line Rider 2: Unbound, Chris Keenan, clued us in on some of the features we can expect from the Wii version, and how development of the game has progressed as a "dream project" for him and the team.

In short, expect some interesting features, especially in the online department and its ranking system. And in a game like Line Rider 2, the user interface is a key aspect in determining whether this title is AAA or not. And talking with him about menu navigation and tool selection in itself proves that this will be a game to watch for.

So dig in, Chris has got some good responses for us:

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